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Mythic Quest, Blood & Water S2 and more





The second season of Blood & Water arrived on Netflix on Friday, 24 September 2021. The series thrills fans after igniting a buzz with a trailer that gave glimpses into amplified scandals in the lives of Parkhurst students.

Season two premiered with the introduction of new characters; Leroy Siyafa portrays a certain Sam who enters the frame as a new love interest. Greteli Fincham’s character Reece is getting more screen time as two of her new friends, Pauline and Zayd, played by Katishcka Chanderlal and Alzavia Abrahams, also make an entrance.

Are we bingeing? YES.


The long awaited third season of British teen comedy drama debuted 0n Netflix on 17 September. It was worth the wait, as the third series now boasts the highest critics and audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes (100% and 93% respectively).

It’s a new term at Moordale Secondary School as Hope Haddon is welcomed as the new head teacher with the promise to restore some order at the school. Otis discovers a “Sex King” is scamming folks with some dusty sex advice in the school’s abandoned loo. Jean is plugging a book about her journey teaching sex education at Moordale while struggling to break the news of her pregnancy to Jakob.

The rest you will have to watch to avoid spoilers.



Following the massive sweep at the 73rd Primetime Emmys, including Lead Actress in a Limited Anthology or Series gong for Kate Winslet, we felt dared to check out Mare of Easttown to see if it lives up to the buzz. Binged this in a day and are now recommending it to everyone. That tells you everything you need to know.

The limited HBO crime series follows the life of Mare Sheehan, a detective in Easttown, a suburb in Philadelphia. She’s consumed by the ongoing investigation of a mysterious murder of a teenage mother, while struggling to process her own grief and trauma.

With her own life falling apart – most notably a son who committed suicide on the attic of their home, and the safety of the son he left behind with a mother battling drug addiction, Mare buries herself on a mission to save the town.

And maybe herself.


The British action crime drama follows a tense and bloody strife between rival gangs and other criminal organisations in modern London. Hailed as “a modern crime family masterpiece” by Rotten TomatoesGangs of London has been getting rave reviews for exceptional writing, directing and a killer cast putting bodies underground.

Set in the streets of London, one of the world’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, Gangs of London paces through a city destabilised by power struggles of international gangs seeking to gain and maintain control in the wake of a powerful crime family being assassinate.

Trigger warning though, the violence is pretty brutal.


Whether you are signing up for a trial or are already giving them your coins, there are actually a couple of really good shows you can check out on the platform.


Ted Lasso follows an American college football coach of the same name who he takes up a job in the UK as a coach for a struggling club in the top flight of English football. The gag is, he gets the gig because he is absolutely a hopeless.

His hiring at the club serves the owner Rebecca Welton’s elaborate conspiracy to sabotage the club and run it to the ground.

Fresh from the US with no experience in association football, Lasso doesn’t seem to be the perfect candidate to lead AFC Richmond. Rebecca though is on a mission to spite her cheating ex-husband, the club’s original founder. Ted Lasso’s unexpected recruitment therefore, represents the perfect opportunity to undermine the club in the Premier league.


The series is set inside a video game studio. But if spending hours being immersed in the lives of video game creators and designers along with the very nerdy rivalries in their tech world doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you might want to want to consider how chess suddenly became your favourite game via The Queen’s Gambit.



The series acquaints us with a fictional video game studio that produces Mythic Quest, a popular multiplayer online role playing game run by its creator Ian Grimm with lead engineer Poppy Li, head of monetization Brad Bakshi and the game’s head writer C.W. Longbottom. 

You are more likely to enjoy this if you enjoyed Silicon Valley.

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