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Nicole Wilmans Becomes The Sole Survivor on Survivor SA

Look who outwitted, outsmarted and outlasted.




Despite smashing through every challenge and breaking the record for the most wins for individual immunity on Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island, Chappies fell two places short of walking away with the honours he paced through tough scapes in hopes to win.

The jury decided Nicole played the best game out of everyone. Photo credit: MNet

The ‘Challenge Beast’ played hard throughout the season, even pulling a miracle to win immunity when it mattered the most; landing him in the coveted top three spot from which the sole survivor must emerge. But in the end, despite literally jumping through hoops and other gruelling tests to emerge many times an unstoppable beast, we are learning once more that life is trickier. Being a clear contender for the top prize leaves the underdog with plenty of room to move and execute a slick victory at the finish line. See?

Instead nine of the ten members of the jury decided Nicole’s overall game and final plea deserved this glory. Anela bowed out in the top 2, coming as close as you can get. But with a R1 million cash prize at stake on the two-hour finale special, ‘almost’ didn’t count. In the end, it was unanimously decided that Nicole had played a better

This season’s members of the jury. Photo: MNet

With Chappies already holding a Survivor South Africa record after winning seven consecutive Individual Challenges, the odds were against Nicole and Anela in the surprise final Individual Immunity Challenge.

The gruelling endurance challenge lasted over two hours, with Anela falling first before Chappies blacked out and toppled from the precarious balance stakes to hand Nicole Individual Immunity and a seat in the Final Two. Effectively, the choice of who she would sit next to rested with her, as she would cast the only vote at the penultimate Tribal Council.

At camp, Chappies did his best to charm her with’ inside info’ gleaned from his breakfast with Jury member Anesu, while Anela took a soft-touch approach and told her he’d be at peace with whatever decision she arrived at. At Tribal Council, both Chappies and Anela did their best to tug at her heartstrings with emotional appeals, but her mind was made up over who she thought she had a better chance of defeating before the Jury – and she duly wrote Chappies’ name down, making him the ninth and final member of the Jury.

At the final Tribal Council, Anela opened the conversation by explaining how he’d used his sports coaching experience to set up his philosophy for the game, focussing on being the best at ‘getting the little things right’ and playing on pillars of ‘freedom of expression’, ‘simplicity’ and ‘flexibility’. Nicole explained how she’d never erred from her intention of playing the game with integrity, reliability, honesty and trust and how her decision to fight Chappies for Individual Immunity earlier in the game, while everyone else opted for a Spaghetti Bolognese feast, showed her determination.

Each of the Jury members took a different tack when speaking to the Final Two: Renier asked them both to explain why they deserved the title more than the other; Anesu questioned Anela about whether he’d genuinely stayed true to his intentions and Amy asked both whether they’d intentionally pretended to be anything other than their true selves.

Shaun made the simple statement that his vote lay with Anela; Kiran asked them to detail moves they’d considered, but never made; Marisha revealed that she was listening intently because she couldn’t decide which to vote for; Tyson said his decision was made and couldn’t be changed and Chappies questioned Anela about how he’d embraced his vulnerability during the game.

In the end, Nicole’s blend of sheer tenacity and integrity was enough to sway the Jury in her favour, trouncing Anela in the final vote.


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Inside the Big Brother Titans Premiere!

South Africa and Nigeria unite under Biggie’s roof.




Sunday, 15 February 2023, marks the roaring arrival of BBTitans.


The highly anticipated social experiment brings under Biggie’s roof housemates from both South Africa and Nigeria. And for 72 days, we will be splashed with the finest in South African and Nigerian swag, banter, romance and all the trappings of a fun-filled, dramatic and – we’d hope – an entertaining show.

A first of its kind, the social experiment assembles the most colourful personalities from the two nations to outwit, outplay and outsmart each other in a bid to get their hands on a massive bag, life-changing bag!

In addition to a number of lofty prizes that will likely be on the line throughout the season, the winner of the show will also be walking away, a whopping grand prize of US $100 000 (over R1,7 million) is up for grabs for the one who trounces his Housemates to charm audiences across the continent.

That’s not all; the amount of social capital, celebrity and opportunities for lucrative brand deals after the show, all form part of the career-launching lift-off that comes with being on the popular franchise.

Both Big Brother Mzansi host Lawrence Maleka and Big Brother Naija’s Ebuka Obi-Uchendu will co-host this debut season.

Fans of Big Brother Mzansi and Big Brother Naija in the diaspora are not left out as Showmax will stream the show in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and about 50 other countries.

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All the tea on the Real Housewives of Gqeberha




Drinks to the right, and cry angles to the left. The girlies of Gqeberha are coming to splash glimpses of their fabulous lives on the Real Housewives of Gqeberha!

The reality series, which was first announced by M-Net on 5 January 2023, will be premiering on 1Magic on Friday, 3 February at 8:30 PM. And, if the six other African Real Housewives titles are anything to go by, audiences can expect displays of opulence among the coastal city’s flashiest echelons.

Along with the official poster, which features the cast clad in golden gowns with traditional Xhosa finishes, we’ve now been given further detail on the women on the cast.


IG: @norma_nic0l

Career-focused and fierce, when Norma isn’t running things as an events planner at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, she’s a dedicated wife and mom. Married into Ghanaian royalty, Norma is the real deal when it comes to glitz and glam. She stylishly juggles many roles without breaking a nail – but will anyone dare come for her throne? 


IG: @buli.g 

In-demand MC, high-end events planner, brand ambassador, former Idols SA contestant, award-winning businesswoman, and now, ‘Real Housewife’: to say that the charismatic Buli G’s CV is impressive would be an understatement. A highly connected social butterfly known for bringing the light into any room she enters – will her light be too bright for some in the cast? 


IG: @thelizprins

A dedicated mom and socialite who loves jogging, Liz is a straight shooter. But beneath that bubbly exterior is a woman who is softer than she seems. Still recovering from the loss of her beloved husband, the construction project manager who sold her company for eight figures is navigating life as a widow. Her heart might be in the right place, but will her words land her in hot water with the group? 


IG: @una.faku

Self-proclaimed Gqeberha royalty, Unathi is no shrinking violet. As a successful salon owner and the wife of the city’s former mayor, she is comfortable in the public eye and having her every move watched. A gym lover whose social media pages are peppered with fitness snaps, she’s also a dedicated and doting mother. Will she be able to let her guard down with the other ladies? 


IG: @ mrs2_mather

The sweetheart of the group, fresh-faced Ashleigh is a wife and mom who works in the fabulously fast-paced fashion industry. But don’t be fooled: while she might be unassuming, she’s no pushover. With her family owning two of the biggest clubs in the city, she certainly has a wild side that might catch her castmates by surprise. How will they react when she lets her hair down? 

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DJ Zinhle’s Unexpected Reality Show Review – Worth the Buzz?

The latest in South African celebrity reality shows has arrived.




On the first two episodes of her reality show, Unexpected, DJ Zinhle appears ready to own her narrative. Up until just weeks ahead of the show’s premiere on BET, the media personality had kept her pregnancy private.

With the amount of public interest that attends to her life, it’s a wonder she was able to keep the news from even those closest to her. As we are now learning through this show, DJ Zinhle, real name name Zinhle Jiyane, keeps a strong network of close friends and her tight knit family. Yet not even they were granted access into the privileged news of her second journey to motherhood. At least not until much later!

“I didn’t want to deal with the media”, she explains to her celebrity pal Nomuzi Mabena on the first episode, which marks the start of her journey to breaking the news to everyone. Until now, her boyfriend, Black Motion member Bongani Mohosane is the only one she’s told.  And even that is somewhat of a mystery to Zinhle.

She’d later bring her best-friend Pearl Thusi to tears when breaking the news. Jiyane reveals she’s battled some anxiety over not knowing how the announcement would be received, both by her family and the public. She’s learned by now that the constant chatter around her life on social media can get intense, with fans and detractors yelling at each other for days on end.

It all worked out perfectly in the end, however, as she twinned the announcement of her pregnancy with the scoop on the reality show. It’s a double treat for her fans, who now get to come along as Zinhle journeys to the next chapter of her life on the show, which gives viewers a glimpse into her busy life as a mom of one Kairo, a life on the on the road as one of the country’s most sought after DJ’s, and the fashion empire she’s building.

Far from the badass CEO with a lasting streak in the entertainment business, Unexpected reveals a layer to a woman wearing many hats. Although she’s constantly the talk of the town, whether or not she’s actually the main character of the headlines, the show takes us beyond a celebrity in the spotlight to introduce us to Zinhle, the woman, the mom, the sister, the friend.

Unexpected does not gloss over the rough edges either. From the start, Zinhle allows us to see her without makeup. When home, she’s just as goofy as us mere mortals. She reveals that she needed to find a way to honour AKA’s name even as she allows fans further than they’ve ever gotten before.

Although their names are often splashed alongside each other in the media and in impassioned fan wars on social media, she’s careful not to cultivate an environment that would paddle negative headlines about the father of her child.

Unexpected marks somewhat a departure from the stale format of South African celebrity shows, which have mostly concealed the real stuff behind a sparkly sheen meant to sustain a false display of perfection. There’s a boldness here, as Zinhle really seems ready to just approach her entrance into the world of reality shows with an honest vulnerability. She was either going to do this properly, or continue keeping the most intimate details of her personal life private.

She’s chosen to invite us, and do so without banging out a pretty farce. And so what could have been back to back ad placements for her products, the dishing out of curated moments with her boyfriend Bongani Mohosana to show us they are oh-so-in-love, has been traded for real moments.

Instead, she allows the parallels of announcing her pregnancy and revealing who she is behind the scenes to shine through. DJ Zinhle and Bongani have now welcomed baby Asante Mohosane.

Though it must be said, her sister Gugulethu not noticing Zinhle’s very visible baby bump when she arrived at her house, until Zinhle announces it, felt a bit staged. She might have only found out on the the day of the taping, but the ‘Ooh!’ was totally saved for the camera. It was like, stop it.

Otherwise, we are watching. Unexpected airs on BET, DStv channel 129 on Saturdays at 19:30.

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