Kabelo Mabalane Recalls Dark Past on Podcast & Chill

“I was either gonna die or end up in jail”.



Kabelo Mabalane is full proof that one can rise from a dark place.

On last night’s much talked about sit-down, the 44 year old appeared to have done the work of breaking old patterns and bouncing back to express a much healthier, more realised version of himself. More than this meaningful evolution, however, he seemed ready to confront the damaging outcomes of his troubled past.

With the conversation not glazing over the uncomfortable subject of alleged gender based violence now behind him, he also seemed ready to account.

On Wednesday’s episode of Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition, the Kwaito heavyweight turned pastor and fitness guru remembered the pit from which he’s had to surface.

It’s one that includes euphoric highs while selling millions of records as a member of TKZee in the 90’s, before parlaying that success into a blockbuster career as a solo act with a massive streak lasting several summers.

But it’s also one that was characterised by ugly low lows; a struggle with drug addiction and an alleged abusive record.

He can talk openly about it now, having been sober for 19 years.

Sitting down with co-hosts MacG and Sol Phenduka to chat frankly, Mabalane seemed open to the platform’s policy; treat very little as off-limits. And so questions were asked about tales of a violent past, the rock bottom that led him to rehab, as well as nostalgic reflections on his glorious career.

Affectionately known as Bouga Luv in the streets, the moniker that helped distinguish him as a force far and away from TKZee in the mid aughts, he cleared the air on the baseball bat saga. During a social outing with Kwaito stars Mdu and the late Mandoza, he found himself embroiled in a heated brawl over girls.

He also remembered the moment he knew he needed to deal with the drug problem.

Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition is airing premiere episodes on Channel O, Wednesday at 21:30. These episodes are shared on the Youtube channel the day after.

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