Is Zahara Blackballed in the Industry? Singer Shares Shocking Label Drama

The Loliwe hitmaker recalled a bitter fallout.



On Wednesday night, Zahara took viewers through a range of emotions when she appeared as the first guest on the newly launched Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition. On the television repack of the popular Youtube pod, the Eastern Cape native’s charming delivery of effortless humour inspired a refreshed sense of awe.

The lady is a powerhouse and a darling in black households arguably second only to Brenda Fassie. We now know she’s also a charisma-tron – with an endearing personality cute enough to loosen up just about anyone.


That though didn’t stop the shocking revelations concerning her heartbreaking experiences from casting a sombre atmosphere. It’s clear that Zahara has been through a lot; a pile of messy drama from which she seeks to heal. And perhaps many of the jokes, and the hilarious impersonations, and even the constant deflection served to disguise a season in her life she has now surrendered to God.

Sitting down to discuss everything from the bitter strife between her and her former label, healing from a devastating loss of her younger brother, to navigating a tough landscape in which she’s a constant target of tabloid fodder, and lots more that was deeply personal, the singer skyrocketed to the trends on social media during the episode.

Even though she often diverted, and at times flat out refused to engage some of the burning questions from MacG and Sol Phenduka, the 32-year-old gave viewers just enough to stitch a narrative on their own. If that narrative implicates and defames the major label she’s been battling for years, along with its execs, it will be all on you. “I don’t want to re-live the past”, she said, even though she’d just revealed the label owes her a ton of cash.

She looked exhausted, as one would returning from a battle with a Goliath.

In 2019, Zahara claimed that her former music label TS record owed her between R10-R30 million. At the time, she Country Girl singer said she’d “suffered in silence long enough”, and was ready to go public. Her former record bosses TK Nciza and Sbu Leope both vehemently denied the allegations. Although the story died down after a while, issues between the parties remain unresolved.

It would appear the rift behind the scenes has affected the availability of her catalogue, too. Her first three albums Loliwe, Phendula and Country Girl, all which were massive commercial successes, are no longer available on streaming platforms. Whatever the reason behind this fact, she’s losing out on money from the lack of streams from those records.

She put this fact forward as public evidence that she’s been, allegedly, blackballed in the business

Zahara also touched on rumours that she had an alcohol problem, slamming this narrative as baseless bull with questionable foundations.


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