Secrets & Conscience on ‘Durban Gen’ – February Teasers

The case of the dead baby escalates.



Get ready to catch these scenes on eTV daily drama Durban Gen in February 2021

Episode 086 : MONDAY 01 FEBRUARY 2021
After having a fight with Sibusiso, Mbali chooses to spend the night with someone
else instead of him.

Episode:  TUESDAY 02 FEBRUARY 2021
Lindelani and Mbali think they’ve closed off the world from their bubble of intimacy,
until Sibusiso bursts it.


Phumeza makes a decision that will ruin and make lives.

Episode: THURSDAY 04 FEBRUARY 2021
Zanele realises what the hospital is saying about her baby is not true and takes them
to task.

Episode 090 TX Date: FRIDAY 05 FEBRUARY 2021
Phumeza’s conscience is getting the better of her.

Episode 091: MONDAY 08 FEBRUARY 2021
Phumeza finds herself having to examine the same child she has to make a report
about while Mbali jumps from playing house, to playing wife.

Episode 092 : TUESDAY 09 FEBRUARY 2021
The case of the dead baby escalates.

Episode 093: WEDNESDAY 10 FEBRUARY 2021

Could Mbali and Lindelani manage to keep their wedding a secret while they deal
with their complicated pasts?

Episode 094 : THURSDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2021

Lindelani and Mbali have taken a step toward solidifying their love for each other, but
neither of them know that a nasty, potentially life threatening surprise awaits them at
the end of their mission.

Episode 095: FRIDAY 12 FEBRUARY 2021

Mbali falls seriously ill and finds herself right back in the centre of the Dlamini family.

Episode 096: MONDAY 15 FEBRUARY 2021
Nkabinde cleans Phumeza’s mess by not bringing incriminating evidence forward.

Episode 097 TX Date: TUESDAY 16 FEBRUARY 2021
The best doctors makes the worst patients.

Episode 098: WEDNESDAY 17 FEBRUARY 2021
An illness brings lovers closer while breaking another’s heart.

Episode 099: THURSDAY 18 FEBRUARY 2021
Mbali struggles to come to terms with her condition, she doesn’t understand why this
is happening to her out of all people.

Episode 100: FRIDAY 19 FEBRUARY 2021
When Mbali lets Sibusiso shut the door on Lindelani’s face, could it mean that it is
finally over between them?

Episode 101: MONDAY 22 FEBRUARY 2021
The decision to get Mbali back home seems to be the right one until her health starts
to deteriorate and she is forced back into the emergency room.

Episode 102 : TUESDAY 23 FEBRUARY 2021
Lindelani feels Mbali is slipping further and further away from him.

Episode 103 : WEDNESDAY 24 FEBRUARY 2021
Sibusiso offers a part of himself to save Mbali.

Episode 104 : THURSDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2021
A miracle occurs when a strange doctor resurrects the dead.

Episode 105 : FRIDAY 26 FEBRUARY 2021

Sibusiso tries to fast track the kidney donation process, in vain. Stressing over Mbali
takes a toll on him.

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