How Gomora’s Langa Became Teddy’s Ninja

Thank you, Langa.



Now that rapey Manzi’s filthy misconduct has been unmasked, the meaningful connection between Langa and Teddy has become an even more important one to observe. Not that long ago, these two had been bumping heads, almost unable to find a way to reconcile their seemingly different personalities and backgrounds.

For a time, the bridge dividing Sandton and Alexandra could not be wider between the teenagers.

Langa has played a key role in emancipating Teddy from Manzi’s snare. Photo: DStv

Langa was the smart one with a razor-sharp tongue and the ability to grasp complex concepts with the quickness. God knows he’d throw that intellect at you with the pompous demeanor that riled up the boys in the classroom.

Teddy, on the other hand, is a fan-favourite on the Mzansi Magic TV show precisely because he is so relatable. His learning difficulties are often balanced out by his fighting spirit and one hell of an endearing personality. There’s literally nothing not to love about Teddy.


The two had been such a clash of personalities that they often came terribly close to blows during the peak of the debates, during which Teddy’s struggles were laid bare. Langa, of course, had taken every opportunity to decimate him.

Watching Langa becoming Teddy’s confidant, best friend and ninja has been the talk of the town. In a heartwarming scene that found Gomora return to its initial glory as the darling of social media, Langa flew to Teddy’s rescue.

Teddy had been trying to flee the scam that is Manzi when Langa opened the letter in which Teddy detailed the rape. Fortunately, Langa learned of the letter’s contents, running to stop Teddy’s attempt at escaping. That scene was really something!

In recent episodes of the popular telenovela, Langa’s courageous actions have led to Manzi being exposed.

Although Teddy could not bring himself to press charges right away because of the trauma and pain suffered in silence as an older lady abused her power to sexually abuse him in secret, at least some people have become aware of her twisted motives.

The fact Zodwa does not believe her own son is rather unfortunate, but it really does speak to the reality many victims of rape must still confront. It’s the very thing that had stopped him from speaking out sooner. And still, the sense of shame continues to make it difficult for him to want to take this all the way to the courts.

Joined now by Ntokozo, Langa stormed out of Manzi’s class in protest and support of Teddy. He’s the friend we all need.

Gomora airs on Mzansi Magic, DStv channel 161, weekdays at 19:30.

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