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10 Most Explosive South African Celebrity Beefs of 2020




South African celebrities don’t miss a beat when it comes to reading each other for filth. And not even the global pandemic stopped a couple of our faves from engaging in some good ol’ mudslinging.

Beefing regulars AKA, Cassper, Prince Kaybee, and more showed up as expected to drag each other on social media, bringing their private mess on the timelines for all to witness.

For starters, it’s quite clear that the culture is worn out by the AKA vs. Cassper beef, but the two reached new lows when parents were dragged into one of their explosive Twitter rows. In March this year, they did what they know keeps them in the headlines, but it’s now “draining to the culture”, Riky Rick opined. They must dead it.

DJ Speedsta and Nasty C went for each other on multiple occasions, while the ‘God Flow’ rapper and A-Reece had one of the weirdest non-beefs of all time. DJ Maphorisa, Prince Kaybee and more, also made quite a splash on the list of the year’s most talked-about South African celebrity beefs.

Here’s the roundup of the Top 10;


The beef is old and boring. It’s also profitable and keeps both rappers in the hot topics, so they aren’t letting it rest that easily. But in March this year, their occasional squabbles reached a new low that left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth.

AKA and Cassper's beef makes it to 2020 as AKA challenges Cassper Nyovest to a boxing match on Twitter

What started with AKA sliding in Cassper’s DMs, where he left a litany of profanities, devolved into a bizarre spectacle of back to back insults. Each one more vicious than the previous. The rapper challenged Cassper to a boxing match and followed it with some nasty comments.

Somebody please tell and tag Tsibip That his father is a deadbeat dad for allowing him to drop out of high school “, he tweeted. Adding “And his mother is just as bad for allowing it. #signthecontract …. immediately. (sic)”

By May, the likes of Riky Rick, Ms. Cosmo, and more had been speaking out on how this beef is now draining to the culture. “It might exciting for Twitter but behind the scenes, it’s something most rappers keep quiet on because it’s draining the life out of the culture”, he said. We are hoping to never have to talk about this never-ending oversupply of silliness.


Hands down, Nasty C was one of the most talked-about rappers in 2020.

It’s not without reason; this year, the 23-year-old Durban native delighted his fans with an EP and the long-awaited Zulu Man With Some Power album. What’s more, he inked a record deal with Def Jam, marking inroads into the much-coveted global market.

But outside the music, he’s also made headlines for a few fallouts in the industry. The most prominent of these is his beef with DJ Speedsta. In April, the two butted heads over the ownership of Nasty C’s 2016 single ‘Bamm Bamm’.

Their strife escalated into a bitter Twitter squabble after Speedsta had claimed the song was initially his. Nasty C didn’t take too kindly to the claim and slammed the famed hit producer for not being truthful.

By September, their dispute had devolved into a full-blown beef, with disses flying all over interviews and on Twitter.

We are guessing these two won’t be dropping a surprise December collaboration then.


In many ways, Naak Musiq and Prince Kaybee are quite similar.

They both make hits, love working out, and aren’t shy about showing off their ripped bodies all the time and whenever they get a chance. They also love collecting luxury sports cars and flaunting that on their social media platforms. But in September this year, just before Naak lost his Twitter account to a massive hack, they exchanged some harsh words.

It all started when Prince Kaybee threw shade at Naak’s latest SUV, IOL reported. A video with the SUV struggling to surmount a steep road hill led Kaybee to tweet, “BMW engineering is k*k like k*kmusiq”

To cut a long story about a hectic, random twar short, it ended with Naak threatening to beat Prince Kaybee up. Black Coffee and DJ Tira had to intervene. The end.


New school SA rappers Big Hash and J Molley shook the table with their diss tracks this year. It’s rather sad they haven’t continued staying on the radar as much since then.

The Big Hash vs. J Molley beef is believed to have started when the Big Hash dished the first shot on a song called ‘I’m Sorry’.

The song, which surfaced on the rapper’s Soundcloud “Carried a coffin big enough to carry Mooz’ and Molley. That’s no disrespect to anyone if you are offended, sorry!” . The track is taken from Hash’s EP, Life + Times.

J Molley hit back with a lethal retort. Pallbearer (The Big Hash Diss) charged towards The Big Hash, taking him from several angles. Their back and forth went on for a while, and they’ve yet to reconcile their differences.  


This beef might have led to a record for the fastest a public apology came out of AKA’s mouth. But after the two bickered back and forth for a day, both AKA and Riky Rick came back on Twitter to humbly apologize.

To dish out a quick summary, here’s how it all happened: Sizwe slammed AKA’s approach to business after the rapper had publicized his strife with a sportswear brand he’d been endorsing for allegedly close to nothing in actual revenue.

Days later, AKA came back with some disses. They both had an exchange. Where things went downhill is when AKA posed a question that dragged Sizwe’s family into the fray.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Dhlomo expressed that time for Twitter had ended right there. We were never furnished with the details of how AKA and Riky Rick, who’d also weighed in on Sizwe’s ‘undue’ involvement in Hip Hop, ended up apologising almost at the same time.


Black Coffee may have conquered the world, but he really hasn’t lost an ounce of his ability to throw the occasional shade. He put a few of his spicy ways on display in May, when he came for Prince Kaybee.

It happened after Kaybee tweeted about “local celebrities” always falling for the same trap of trying to sound all-wise. That’s when the Ibiza resident pounced; “Here’s a question without the “urge of sounding intelligent “…..are you a celebrity?”

All hell broke loose.

Black Coffee hit him with the dreaded “OK”, and kept it moving.


Between Porry and Kaybee, who has sold more records? Who has amassed bigger streaming numbers? Who has a bigger career? Who’s better? All these questions were at the centre of their twar in September.

DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee

Porry had all day to be petty. When Kanye West took on Universal music over his masters, the hitmaker took on local artists over the same matter. He lambasted the likes of Lady Zamar and Mafikizolo for not owning their masters. He also took the time to tease Prince Kaybee, who we know is always ready to fire back.


Long before Nasty C dropped Zulu Man With Some Power, A Reece gave us Sotho Man With Some Power. Well, at least for a few minutes before the rapper’s team petitioned Apple to take the record, which consisted of his existing catalogue, off the streaming platform.

Later that night, Reece confirmed that the shady upload was the scheme of an external party who sought to stir up the waters. Whoever that was, he was successful in shaking up the internet and triggering a reaction out of Nasty C. “Sad, sad, sad, sad”, the rapper wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted.

While neither Reece nor Nasty have ever fired any direct shots at each other, it’s clear the industry has pitted them against each as arch-rivals, and stans love nothing more than fuelling fires of a potential beef.


Successful entrepreneurs Sizwe Dhlomo and Vusi Thembekwayo are both known for dishing occasional advice about life and business. They are both known for calling a thing a thing, and have had to live with wild perceptions that they are arrogant.

So their nasty twar in August came as a bit of a surprise, particularly because of how it went left. The two were in a back and forth about how they acquired wealth when Vusi Thembekwayo posted a screenshot of an old tabloid troll headline about Sizwe having ‘beat up his gay lover.’

As he should, Thembekwayo was dragged for the homophobic undertone in his charge. Fortunately, he later apologized.

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