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Mohale Motaung Mhlongo is slowly stepping out of his husband, megastar Somizi’s shadow. The 26-year-old recently wore his actor hat for the first time when he appeared on eTV soapie Rhythm City

He featured on three episodes on the primetime daily soap, an accomplishment qualified actors with twice the experience normally take years to see.

News of Mohale’s acting debut on the show sparked a heated debate. Some feel that he’s skipping the queue thanks to his marriage to Somizi, who wields much power and influence on the SA entertainment industry.

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Reality Shows

Khanyi Mbau’s Reality Show Debuts, and Fumbles

She’s an enigma, but the first episode lacked direction, substance and content.



Khanyi Mbau - Reloaded

Khanyi Mbau’s reality show kicked off with an explosive confessional, literally. “You thought this was about pink champagne… everything pink?”, she asks with a piercing gaze, cross-examining the viewer and doing what she does best – proving that she has layers that cannot be pinned down.

And just between us, we wondered if that interesting statement was shade at the sparkly and pink texture that defines the theme and feel of other industry girls and their reality shows. It won’t take a genius to realize a lot of the new celebrity reality shows love the idea of champagne as a starter pack for the high life. We could be overthinking it and it’s only Tuesday.

Here’s the thing though; You never really know what to expect from Khanyi Mbau. In the next moment, she smashes the champagne flute on the floor. One thing you can certainly expect from her is the shock factor.

She’s not new to this. For more than a decade, the media personality has been the fascination of the tabloids. She’s grabbed headlines for nearly everything. Most notably, her highly publicized relationships – some of which drew intrigue thanks to their ‘blesser/Slay Queen’ dynamic.


Because of her open book policy, Mbau has never shied away from being splashed all over the media.

Remember that iconic interview she once did with Deborah Patta, in which she was grilled for her “ostentatious displays of opulence” in the face of a poverty-stricken country? “If I want blue cheese, I will have blue cheese”, she famously fired back at the journalist.

It’s this bold confidence and unapologetic outlook that keeps Khanyi Mbau such a fascinating figure. She tackles everything, from the status of her bank account to the skin lightening, with a sense of honesty and defiance. That’s why by 2012, she’d already built enough of a big life to publish her own memoir, ‘Bitch Please, I’m Khanyi Mbau!

Long before all the girls, Khanyi had risen to become arguably the first “it girl” in the local entertainment scene. The socialite who dominated the Sunday papers. Hollywood had Paris Hilton, we had Khanyi Mbau.

So it’s not a surprise that she finally has her own reality show. ‘Mbau Reloaded: Always Rise gives viewers a glimpse into Khanyi’s life as she navigates spaces in the northern suburb. The show focuses on her personal relationships, her professional life, and everything in between. We see her as a mother, a sister and the boss lady she’s become.

A self-confessed “ghetto snob”, she shows us where she is now in her life.

The first episode is obviously an introduction to her world through a new lens. Unlike the big interviews she’s done, and all the headlines alongside all of that, the vibe her is relaxed, allowing us to really enter her world.


The first episode was underwhelming. Khanyi Mbau is a vibe, but her big personality could not help lift the spirit of her new show. It felt a little muted, at least by the standard we’ve come to attach to Khanyi Mbau, the fierce and fearless leader of the new school of Mzansi entertainment.

Where she’s always shaking the table, making us laugh and even triggering the locals with her statements, the intro to the first season of Mbau Reloaded: Always Rise, did not rise to the occasion. At best, it was an unsure start. At worst, rather boring.

More than that, it was bare without direction or substance.

Scenes of her shopping at the sportswear brand store when she’d been invited to shop as a nice perk in their business relationship, could have been left on the cutting floor. But she’s a smart businesswoman, and she’s already using the show to leverage bigger business. It’s probably the reason she went to the store with a bottle of her gin brand.

The hearty moments on the show are noted. Her interactions with her sister and with her daughter were lovely and did succeed as far as giving us a new sighting of Khanyi Mbau – the woman beyond the headlines. Sadly, however, even those felt rushed and lost at sea.

By the end of the first episode, it felt like a bunch of scenes had been jumbled together in a way that missed the mark.


It’s Khanyi Mbau, so we will be tuning in a couple more times to see how the show evolves. Will, there be an actual storyline developing along with the episodes, or will it continue feeling like a vlog? Only time will tell.

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Soapies & Telenovelas

Someone Needs To Check Up on Buhle

She’s been crying out for help.



Gomora Mzansi Magic

It’s easy to overlook sometimes, but Thathi’s daughter has been through hell.

In a short span of time, she lost her father to a botched hijacking. Not long after Mbongeni’s death, a series of events ensued that continued to pile up stress on the 16-year-old, along with her brother Langa.

As if losing their father was not enough, the teenagers suddenly had to deal with the negative publicity that diluted his memory. Turns out Mbongeni had been involved in some really questionable business practices.

As the family mourned the loss, news of his white-collar fraud was splashed all over the media. Buhle and her family could not even mourn in peace as protesters disrupted the service to demand their money from the foreclosed bank.

Gomora Mzansi Magic

Support structure: Langa and Teddy attending to Buhle after the shocking incident.

The state took possession of Mbongeni’s assets. Buhle and Langa had to leave behind everything they’d known. The opulent lifestyle and, the spoils and their friends.

Adjusting and adapting to Gomora has been no walk in the park for the two, who had to quickly find a way to navigate the rough streets of Alexandra and its restless pulse of the street hustle. Whenever they are just about to find their feet, something else comes against them.

Mind you, the tragic series of unfortunate events have happened within a matter of a few months for both Buhle and Langa. They’ve barely had time to heal.

And with all the drama at Mam’ Sonto’s house, there’s been no space for them to find their feet while healing, and letting go of everything that once was. Pretty hiding the DStv card to spite Thathi is just one of many ridiculous stunts these two have had to deal with, on top of everything.

Gomora Mzansi Magic

Overwhelmed; The teenager has been crying out for help for a while.

By the time Buhle’s nudes were leaked to the internet, she’d already been dealing with far too much for any 15 year old. Now she has to face all the slut-shaming that came out from that scenario. Without much support, she had face harassment from weirdos in the township.

Add to this the pressure on her to break up with Ntokozo, which has been rather intense, we can only wonder why no one thought to really check up on her mental health soon enough. All those moments when she couldn’t even leave her bed were all signs of fatigue and possibly, Depression.


She hasn’t been able to catch a break on the telenovela, with all the mess happening back to back. The break up with Ntokozo, Thathi’s constant rage, the pressure from Ntokozo’s parents, the judgemental eyes and bullying at school, the death of her father, the nudes.

Hers has been a tortured character. We can only hope this will be a teachable moment for everyone involved.


Thathi needs to calm all the way down from that horse and speak out Langa being Melusi’s son. It should be none of our business, but she’s made it our business because she can’t manage the situation calmly.

Her secret underlies her manic overreactions, and her daughter has suffered for it. On the episodes following the suicide attempt, Thathi has shown remorse about how she’s not been the best mother when her daughter needed her the most. With the therapy on the cards, we are hoping the two can start working on their issues.

It’s a bit of a relief that Mam’ Sonto threatened Ntokozo, ever so politely, to back off. He needed the wake-up call. We get that he’s oh so madly in love with Buhle, but he did shoot her father to his death. She doesn’t even know that. Sonto is freaking out that their romance could lead to the secret coming out, but we are more worried about how that can drive Buhle off the edge again.

Buhle is crying out for help, and her advances towards Teddy now are further proof that she needs someone to listen. We are hoping she does get help.

Note: If there’s any risk for suicide present, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group offers resources and assistance.

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Drama Series

‘Unmarried’ S2 Review – The Good and The Not So Good

Our fave huns have returned. With new shockers.



Unmarried Season 2 Mzansi Magic

The second season of Unmarried finally debuted on Monday.

The drama series, which initially aired its first season on 1Magic back in 2018, left on an explosive cliff hanger when Thembi’s cover was blown on her infidelity. The season 2 premiere on Mzansi Magic though, decked out its fair share of grief, raging lust, a public scandal, and new responsibilities.


Brenda (Renate Stuurman)’s dating life always left much to be desired. After being dogged by her ex, who tried getting married right under her nose, we just knew. Add to that her situation with the security guard, and it just couldn’t get any clearer that the good sis needed a power nap from it all.

Yeah, that would have been easier if the men in this series gave us any hope. Instead, she ended up being sexually harassed by her boss, who wanted to sleep with her in exchange for a promotion.

The nerve.

Season 2 kicked off with Thembi (Tembisa Mdoda) yanking her off to attend a relationship seminar. There, she ends up being taken out on a date by Ernest, the handsome guy responsible for the whole joint.

Though it ended up with some steamy sex, the date was meant to have been some sort of practice as part of the program. We need to attend more seminars.

Our guess is Ernest (Sisa Hewana) will be in the picture a lot this season. He could be the rare gem she’s been looking for. Or, if Brenda has not healed, another scam.


We were quite bummed to find out the character of Lesego (portrayed by Keke Mphuthi on season one), had been killed off. Her character development had been impressive. The writers gave us ample material for some reflection on our own preconceived notions.

At first, she was the ‘Slay Queen’ of the trio, dating rich men to maintain her flashy lifestyle.

However, after falling pregnant with Kenny’s child, she lost favor with the psychopathic blesser. All the lies and promises crumbled as his true colours spilled out all over the mess he refused to man up to.

As her glamorous world tumbled, the show took us back to the poor home she grew up in. It’s there we found out that as a little girl, her mother had pimped her to old men for money.

We can’t get over how heartbreaking that was.

Fast forward season two; After her little tryst with Ernest, Brenda gets an emotional call from a tearful Thembi. Lesego has died. She leaves behind a complex maze of unresolved issues. And, to everyone’s shock, has also left her baby to Brenda.

Meanwhile, Thembi’s affair with Steve may have devastated the remains of her already frail marriage in the previous season, but it looks like she and Bongani have been working at rehabilitating it. That’s until Steve decides to show up at the Lesego’s memorial, triggering Bongani off into a manic tantrum.



The first thing worth noting is that the show has maintained the standard it set up in the first season. It was a decent one. Consistency is key, as is a seamless continuity between seasons. Unmarried has remained anchored in its premise – three different women navigating life in Joburg.

Brenda is still the corporate beast. She’s looking super bossy in her Range Rover, and almost just as vulnerable when it comes to relationships as she was on the first season. Of course we are waiting to see her evolution, but we are glad that didn’t happen during the show’s absence.

Thembi, on the other hand, starts off dealing with the decline of her marriage.

Being the only mother in the circle, her maternal instincts are always kicking in. We’d bet that this is part of the reason she had been so adamant of ‘saving’ Lesego from transactional dating.

What’s more; the show’s comeback on the screen was a refreshing reminder of how good South African TV drama shows can actually be. With telenovelas and soapies taking up all the prime time slots lately, there’s been a rather unfortunate drying up of seasonal dramas.

And it makes sense – telenovelas are the hot thing, they save channels money. Instead of commissioning new titles, why not fill the key slots with working formulas, which also keep cheques flowing for the crews?

Less fortunate though is their impact on the diversity of content.

Unmarried is a drama series with a limited span on air, so the pace is riveting. In one episode, they needed to refresh viewers on the key plotlines from last season, introduce a host of new characters and rev up the rolling out of the new storylines. They succeeded on all fronts.

With that, Claudia entered the chat. She seems to be a Lesego prototype – with high glam and the obvious love for the finer things in life. Played by Lunathi Mampofu (Former ‘Emmarentia’ on ‘The River’), she descended from a chopper. Hers will be an interesting character to find out.

Another win for the show is the writers prioritise authenticity. Unlike many of the new local productions, we aren’t seeing a desperate attempt at relevance by tossing around random social media references. The focus is on exploring the lives, psychologically and externally, of the characters as far as possible.


Unmarried likes caricatures and prototypes. We don’t.

Lesego had a gay close friend, whose whole existence served no other real function other than being the low-frequency gay friend who couldn’t maintain loyalty during the tough times. Claudia struts into the picture fresh from a chopper, in her high fashion. We meet her friend Cam, a social media influencer.

Oh, he’s the gay friend this time. It’s like they aren’t even trying at this point.

While it remains to be seen if the show will actually move beyond the outdated trope of gay men accessories to glam girls, we already rolled eyes the few times it was evident that “the cuz” was yet another queer character displaying tired presentations of queerness.

Entertaining it is, but the danger there lies in establishing a false narrative on gay men really being the same person. Stereotypes are tiring.


Unmarried is one of our favourite shows, and we are glad to see they’ve delivered some good work to kick off the season.

Unmarried season 2 airs on Mzansi Magic on Mondays at 20:00.

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