Someone Needs To Check Up on Buhle

She’s been crying out for help.



It’s easy to overlook sometimes, but Thathi’s daughter has been through hell.

In a short span of time, she lost her father to a botched hijacking. Not long after Mbongeni’s death, a series of events ensued that continued to pile up stress on the 16-year-old, along with her brother Langa.

As if losing their father was not enough, the teenagers suddenly had to deal with the negative publicity that diluted his memory. Turns out Mbongeni had been involved in some really questionable business practices.

As the family mourned the loss, news of his white-collar fraud was splashed all over the media. Buhle and her family could not even mourn in peace as protesters disrupted the service to demand their money from the foreclosed bank.

Support structure: Langa and Teddy attending to Buhle after the shocking incident.

The state took possession of Mbongeni’s assets. Buhle and Langa had to leave behind everything they’d known. The opulent lifestyle and, the spoils and their friends.

Adjusting and adapting to Gomora has been no walk in the park for the two, who had to quickly find a way to navigate the rough streets of Alexandra and its restless pulse of the street hustle. Whenever they are just about to find their feet, something else comes against them.

Mind you, the tragic series of unfortunate events have happened within a matter of a few months for both Buhle and Langa. They’ve barely had time to heal.

And with all the drama at Mam’ Sonto’s house, there’s been no space for them to find their feet while healing, and letting go of everything that once was. Pretty hiding the DStv card to spite Thathi is just one of many ridiculous stunts these two have had to deal with, on top of everything.

Overwhelmed; The teenager has been crying out for help for a while.

By the time Buhle’s nudes were leaked to the internet, she’d already been dealing with far too much for any 15 year old. Now she has to face all the slut-shaming that came out from that scenario. Without much support, she had face harassment from weirdos in the township.

Add to this the pressure on her to break up with Ntokozo, which has been rather intense, we can only wonder why no one thought to really check up on her mental health soon enough. All those moments when she couldn’t even leave her bed were all signs of fatigue and possibly, Depression.


She hasn’t been able to catch a break on the telenovela, with all the mess happening back to back. The break up with Ntokozo, Thathi’s constant rage, the pressure from Ntokozo’s parents, the judgemental eyes and bullying at school, the death of her father, the nudes.

Hers has been a tortured character. We can only hope this will be a teachable moment for everyone involved.


Thathi needs to calm all the way down from that horse and speak out Langa being Melusi’s son. It should be none of our business, but she’s made it our business because she can’t manage the situation calmly.

Her secret underlies her manic overreactions, and her daughter has suffered for it. On the episodes following the suicide attempt, Thathi has shown remorse about how she’s not been the best mother when her daughter needed her the most. With the therapy on the cards, we are hoping the two can start working on their issues.

It’s a bit of a relief that Mam’ Sonto threatened Ntokozo, ever so politely, to back off. He needed the wake-up call. We get that he’s oh so madly in love with Buhle, but he did shoot her father to his death. She doesn’t even know that. Sonto is freaking out that their romance could lead to the secret coming out, but we are more worried about how that can drive Buhle off the edge again.

Buhle is crying out for help, and her advances towards Teddy now are further proof that she needs someone to listen. We are hoping she does get help.

Note: If there’s any risk for suicide present, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group offers resources and assistance.

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