The End of Jaros, The Beginning of Thando

Jessica Nkosi has entered the scene.




Jessica Nkosi finally made her debut on The Queen! Following Harriet and the Khozas’ sudden departure from the drug trafficking industry, Thando entered the scene as the “answered prayer” to Harriet’s clients.

Before then, she had to shoot Jaros to his death seconds before he could reveal the truth about Hector to Vee. Here’s a refresher of all the hot action from this past week’s The Queen.

That Hector Sebata is something else! With Jaros on his dirty payroll, the two have taken over the police station and turned it into a hotbed of corruption and murder. Yet after being a faithful servant all to way to the moment of trying to confess to Vee, he died before he could expose the dirty truth about Hector.

Smooth Operator: Hector has outsmarted Vee and the station. Photo: DStv

Hector is good at keeping up appearances, presenting himself as an upstanding colonel on a mission to transform the police station and root out the crime that brought Jerry to his demise. This is how he’s been able to hide in plain sight, executing his schemes all the way to introducing his business ally.


His smooth display is why Vuyiswa and Georgina have let their guard down around him, sharing their suspicions about Jaros’ involvement in the planting of bombs at Vee’s house as a means to frame her for Jerry’s death.

Vuyiswa, who’s barely begun mourning the tragic death of the love of her life, found out that Jaros is behind the break-ins and messy attempts to stop her from investigating Jerry’s death.

She took this tea to Hector. Unbeknownst to her, Jaros is taking his order from the wolf in sheep’s clothing and uses the information she feeds to stay one step ahead of her.

Realizing that Vuyiswa is getting warm in her search, he ordered Jaros to kill her once and for all. Luckily for Vee, that operation was botched and she got away from the shootings unscathed. Less fortunate was her ‘Boy Boy’, who ended up in the hospital.

Wrong Condolences: Schumacher and Mjekejeke on a misguided journey.

Meanwhile, a heavy burden of guilt for the death of Kea drove Harriet to a suicide attempt. Sgeqegeqe didn’t help matters with his rage. He too is blaming Harriet for failing to make sure his sister returns home safe.

Harriet buckled under the torment, and slit her wrists. She’s the ‘starring’ though, the Chuck Norris of this whole game. So, despite losing a lot of blood and suffering a mild heart attack as a result, she recovered in the hospital.


Patronella delivered hot tea to Mjekejeke and Schumacher that Harriet had died. The two showed up at the mansion to offer their condolences over the false reports. Shaka flew into a rage and threatened to open fire on them. We thank Kagiso for calming the situation and asking them to leave. Now, Sis Pat has a lot of explaining to do about her sources!

Vee and Georgina have been on to Jaros. On Thursday’s episode, they finally made it to his house for a search of evidence. What they found instead was a note left under a cup of tea. The note had a number, and Vee called. Jaros is ready to come clean and fess up, provided that Vee meets him alone at a discreet location.

Unfortunately for Vee, she could not get to the bottom of the truth. Afraid that Jaros had tried to trap her to her death, she alerted Hector to come along with to the said location. Hector made sure that Thando did not miss a beat when it came to pulling the trigger from a safe distance, shooting Jaros to his death before he could say a word.

It looks like we have a new villain in town!

The Queen airs on Mzansi Magic, channel 161, Mondays to Friday at 21:00.

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