Cindy Mahlangu & Sandile Mahlangu Make Their Debut on Scandal!

New faces on Scandal!



The cast of soapie just got a little scandalous with the addition of actress Cindy Mahlangu and film enthusiast Sandile Mahlangu. The two thespians are both Mpumalanga natives and possess the star quality that will surely add to the lustre of the television program.

Viewers of Scandal! can look forward to getting a healthy dose of young, gifted, beautiful people everywhere. Cindy and Sandile made their debut on Scandal! yesterday, 5 August and we honestly loved every moment of it.

Cindy portrays the character of Violetta Mamba. A stylish married woman, born of a dressmaker and in love with a man who is not her husband. Her lover Simo, portrayed by Sandile, is Romeo’s half-brother and Violetta’s husband, Sandile Mamba’s Accountant.

The lovers who creep into the world of unsuspecting individuals by relentlessly plotting and scheming. They will also undertake a fictitious sibling bond that can unsettle even the most grounded ancestors. The actress took to social media to tease her fans on her new role.

In a twist that most will not see coming, Simo will eventually worm his way into the Medupe household.

“Scandal! viewers are in for a treat in the next couple of months,” says Helga Palmer, Head of Local Productions.

“We have a fresh, fun, and vibrant talent pool that is joining the eFamily. Between now and the end of September, there will be various new faces that will effortlessly snuggle their way into fans’ hearts and simultaneously drive’s talent value proposition. This week, we welcome Cindy and Sandile, and we are confident that viewers will embrace their on-screen presence,” concluded Palmer.

The next few weeks will see several new faces slowly entrench their characters into the evolving world of’s daily soapie, and it is no coincidence that two of the latest entrants share a real-life surname.

As the two new characters slowly enter the scene, bigger questions about their true intentions come to the fore. How are they connected? Who are they after and what exactly brings Violetta and Simo to the Newtonian?

To get the answers, watch every episode of soapie every weekday at 7:30PM on

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