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Mzansi Magic’s The Queen Teasers for July 2020

The Queen Teasers for July!



The Queen Mzansi Magic

As season four of Mzansi Magic’s The Queen draws to an end, we get to find closure on the rollercoaster ride we’ve been on. Some of the characters on the show are leaving, while a group of new faces enter the fray.

Ferguson Films is on a quest to claim the throne in prime time ratings and the additions to the roster might just get it done. Here’s the latest tea on what to expect with these soapie teasers from TVSA.

Wednesday 1 July 2020
Episode 243

This Far And No Farther

Kagiso decides to fight back. Thato’s playboy ride is getting wilder and faster.

Thursday 2 July 2020
Episode 244

Saddle Up

Kagiso and Dingane turn into sitting ducks as their enemy tries to outsmart Harriet and Brutus. Thato’s juggling act spirals out control.

Friday 3 July 2020
Episode 245

Days Of Our Lives

A surprise awaits Harriet and Brutus as they race to rescue Kagiso and Dingane. Jerry smells a rat where Mildred and Thato are concerned.


Monday 6 July 2020
Episode 246

Mighty Mouse

The Khozas find themselves surrounded and on the verge of losing their freedom. Thato’s love triangle is on the verge of going public.

Tuesday 7 July 2020
Episode 247


The Khozas cause enough of a stir to ignite an old rivalry. Thato’s relationship problems threaten to land him in hot water with his family.

Wednesday 8 July 2020
Episode 248

Very Bad Parents

Kagiso’s running out of time as the investigation into the shootout ramp up. Mildred flips on Thato.

Thursday 9 July 2020
Episode 249

From The Mouths Of Babes

Kagiso’s protectors start to turn on him as the cops make them an offer they can’t refuse. Thato needs to make a decision. Mother or daughter?

Friday 10 July 2020
Episode 250

Cain And Abel

Mildred comes up with a plan to end Thato’s relationship with Warona. Kagiso’s allies turn on him as soon as they are offered money.


Monday 13 July 2020
Episode 251

Happy Families

Brutus shares something that surprises Dingane. Vuyiswa and Mildred’s friendship hangs in the balance.

Tuesday 14 July 2020
Episode 252

Point Blank

Kagiso’s mistake leaves the Khozas with a big mess to clean up. Mildred is out to teach Thato a lesson he’ll never forget.

Wednesday 15 July 2020
Episode 253


The Khoza family works overtime to cover their tracks Mildred’s revenge finally seems complete as Warona turns on Thato.

Thursday 16 July 2020
Episode 254

Trust But Verify

The police close in on Kagiso. Thato is not happy with the tough words Jerry has for him.

Friday 17 July 2020
Episode 255

Hide And Seek

Kagiso grows nervous when he learns just how dangerous a new threat could be. Thato is caught with his pants down, yet again.


Monday 20 July 2020
Episode 256

The War Has Just Begun

The Khozas realise that the war has only just begun. Warona and Mildred’s reaction to Thato’s latest mistake leaves his head spinning.

Tuesday 21 July 2020
Episode 257

Diplomacy First

Death hangs over the Khozas as the police close in. Thato’s response to Jerry’s ultimatum stuns the Maakes.

Wednesday 22 July 2020
Episode 258

Ka Boom!

A disturbing gift arrives for Brutus. Thato takes a stand.

Thursday 23 July 2020
Episode 259

Nowhere To Run

The Khozas prepare to exchange blows with an old rival. Thato finally takes control of his love life in the most shocking way.

Friday 24 July 2020
Episode 260
Season 4 finale!

Closing In

Thato’s lofty dreams get tempered by a hard dose of reality. The police scramble to arrest Kagiso while the Khozas are focused on dealing with an old enemy.

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Soapies & Telenovelas

‘The Queen’ Mzansi Magic February 2020 Episodic Teasers

Mkabayi has an ultimatum for S’bu.



The Queen

Here’s what you can expect on popular Mzansi Magic telenovela The Queen, airing on DStv channel weekdays at 21:30

S8 Episode 216: Monday 01 February 2021

Sihle is forced to make Fezile an offer. Mbomvu sets his sights on a romantic target while S’bu is still torn between two lovers.

S8 Episode 217: Tuesday 02 February 20201

Mandla gives Ntwenhle some hard advice for her own safety. Ntwenhle gives Dabula an ultimatum, and Mbomvu’s romantic exploits begin heating up.

S8 Episode 218: Wednesday 03 February 2021

Mkabayi has a difficult ultimatum for S’bu. Meanwhile S’bu’s love life takes a shocking turn. Thokozani discovers a shocking fact about her family, and Dabula’s plans to win Ntwenhle back goes left quick.

S8 Episode 219: Thursday 04 February 2021

S’bu stands his ground against the Zungus. Dabula learns about Mbomvu’s romantic interests. Mkabayi is forced to play mediator and puts her foot down with Mpihlangene.

S8 Episode 220: Friday 05 February 2021

Nolwandle makes a stand. Meanwhile things between S’bu and Siza intensify. Khanyi makes her true feelings known. Dabula employs Saddam’s help in identifying the rat in his kitchen.

S8 Episode 221: Monday 08 February 2021

Dabula dispatches Qaphela and Bhekumuzi on a shocking mission. Cebisile still has her eyes on Fenyang.  Meanwhile, Saddam is worried about Mbomvu’s intentions for Lillian.

S8 Episode 222: Tuesday 09 February 2021

Sgqoko tells Sihle he is now the new owner of Emarondweni. Saddam confronts Mbomvu about Lillian. Qaphela and sadden tell Lillian about their dangerous plan to level the playing field.

S8 Episode 223: Wednesday 10 February 2021

Sihle has a plan to get rid of the competition. Mbomvu proves himself a hero. Having been reminded of his purpose, Mandla makes a chilling decision to protect Ntwenhle.

S8 Episode 224: Thursday 11 February 2021

Khanyi continues to sabotage Siza’s and Sbu’s relationship. Fenyang says his good bye to Phumelele, but Amanda won’t give him a break. Nikiwe finds herself in a dangerous situation and is forced to bargain for her life.

S8 Episode 225: Friday 12 February 2021

Melusi is shocked to find out about the plot against him, while Mpihlangene jumps to the wrong conclusion about the Ndlovus. Siza wonders if her fiancé’s accident was actually an accident.

S8 Episode 226: Monday 15 February 2021

Seeing Mandla’s distress, Bongani makes a bold move. Fearing for Melusi’s life, Fezile leads a daring rescue mission. Mandla convinces Ntwenhle to leave Dabula to him.

S8 Episode 227: Tuesday 16 February 2021

Bhekumuzi reveals to Dabula who his attacker was. Siza tries to get the truth out of her father once and for all. Londiwe continues playing her dangerous game of matchmaker.

S8 Episode 228: Wednesday 17 February 2021

Qaphela learns a shocking truth about the attack on the Ndlovus. Gadla suspects the Zungus are focusing on the wrong target. Dabula has an offer for Blade.

S8 Episode 229: Thursday 18 February 2021

Gadla reveals to S’bu who attacked the Ndlovu and gives him an ultimatum. Londiwe confronts Qaphela with the truth. Sihle tries to find Dabula but Qaphela refuses to help her.

S8 Episode 230: Friday 19 February 2021

Lillian makes things clear to Mbomvu about their relationship. Mickey confesses to a shocking truth. Lillian lies to Saddam about her whereabouts.

S8 Episode 231: Monday 22 February 2021

Things come to a dramatic conclusion between Saddam and Mbomvu. Mkabayi’s accusation is met with a counter accusation. S’bu meets with a charming Andile, not realising that danger lurks in the shadows.

S8 Episode 232: Tuesday 23 February 2021

Thokozani begs Sibongile to help her. Dabula warns Mabuyi about the snake in their midst. Sihle has to deal with blade’s wrath, and  Saddam puts the fear of god in a potential enemy.

S8 Episode 233: Wednesday 24 February 2021

Bhekumuzi goes to extreme lengths to protect what’s his. Andile has a new plan to deal with the Ndlovu threat. Mabuyi has a difficult request for Fezile. Mbomvu makes sure to avoid Lillian.

S8 Episode 234: Thursday 25 February 2021

Thokozani convinces Nolwandle to lie to Jerry and betray Fezile. Mandla’s abuse of Bongani leads to a dramatic demand. Mpihlangene tells Sibongile an astonishing story.

S8 Episode 235: Friday 26 February 2021

Fezile warns Nolwandle not to involve herself in Zungu business. Siza finally confronts her father with the truth. The Ngwenyas finally have a cause to celebrate. Sibongile pieces together a shocking truth.

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Reality Shows

Celebrity Game Night Back with Season 2 on E!

Let the games begin!



These days we don’t mind some good ol’ playful fun to balance out all the blues. And overflowing with fun and laughter, ‘Celebrity Game Night’ is back for more side-splitting antics as favourite local stars battle it out to reign victorious.

Celebrity Game Night SA season 2

Anele Mdoda is back as co-host on Celebrity Game Night season 2

Returning to lead their celebrity squads to victory are original team captains, Jason Goliath and Ayanda Thabethe, while the razor-sharp Anele Mdoda reprises her role as host.

Ayanda Thebethe will be doing her thing again

Based on the Primetime Emmy Award-winning series Hollywood Game Night, the first season included some of the biggest names in local entertainment, such as Minnie Dlamini-Jones; Alex Caige; Dineo Langa; Ice Prince; Boity; Maps Maponyane; Roxy Burger and Lerato Kganyago. And, this season, Celebrity Game Night welcomes new celebrity guests, along with some returning faces, who take each other on in hysterical games such as “Where Are You Going?”, “Popped Quiz” and “Clue Boom.”

Catch the season 2 premiere on Sunday, February 7th at 20:00 on E! (DStv channel 124)

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Soapies & Telenovelas

The Prophet almost Exposed Ntokozo’s Dark Secret!

Mbongeni’s spirit jumped out.



We now know that there’s a spirit of a dead man hovering around Gladys and Melusi’s troubled teenage son, whose outbursts have been leaving a lot to be desired lately. Hella creepy, but also a worthy detour in how this storyline could have played out.

While most of Ntokozo’s issues are likely psychological, as he battles with feelings of abandonment and detachment from his parents, Monday’s episode of Gomora threw in the extra spice of spirituality to make the situation that much more complicated.

Ntokozo has felt for a while that he is invisible.

For years he’s felt suffocated by the expectations placed on him by his overachieving, upstanding parents. Melusi Dlamini being the beloved High School Principal at Gomora Secondary, and Gladys the devoted social worker transforming the lives of the youth in the township.

Every one gets to be saved by Gladys, except her son.

Ntokozo has had it, and he’s acting out. And just to confirm the perception he now has of his parents as being weirdly cold and distant while showering Teddy with affection, both Mel and Gladiator simply can’t figure out that they’ve contributed to their son’s juvenile misdemeanor.

No, it’s Mazet’s toxic influence. It’s because he’s rude, entitled, and bratty. Oh, it’s also just a passing stage. They’ve considered every possibility but the role of their own failure to provide a nurturing and loving environment.


In their latest attempt, aunty Gcina, Melusi’s older sister, was called in to intervene. Although harsh on Ntokozo, she was quick to pick up Ntokozo’s abandonment and chastised the parents for neglecting him while pampering Teddy with heartwarming displays of love and support.

(The aunty also hinted that she’s aware Langa is Melusi’s son, so that tea could be getting spilled soon!)

Gcina brought in a prophet, and the prophet, in a shocking twist, picked up a dead man’s spirit haunting Ntokzin! It’s Mbongeni’s ghost, who he killed during that botched hijacking disaster.

We are going to need the aunty to stay and get all these skeletons out in the open. Dig out every single one.

Gomora airs on Mzansi Magic, channel 161, weekdays at 19:30.

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