RHOJ Season 2 Reunion Highlights – Shade and Files!




Some of you may have already experienced the shocking claims that surfaced on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg season 2 Reunion Special when the reality aired on 1Magic last year.

And while QuenchSA might have been part of that chat because we like things and belong to the streets, our DStv subscribing readers are only now witnessing the full wrath of Brinnette as she took on Mrs. Mops and Lethabo.

Ooh’s and Ah’s echoed all over social media on Wednesday as Brinnette Seopela showed up prepared to read her detractors for filth in the much talked about episode.

Amongst other things, Breezy interrogated Lethabo on the identity of the man who paid for her hotel room when the girls went to Durbs as a group to attend the glitzy Durban July affair.

Phat Joe is the host for the Reunion

Viewers will remember the dramatic scenes that took place outside the marquees after them horses had finished galloping somewhere nearby.

Lethabo, no doubt this season’s villian (and most talked about), dragged Brinnette to hell and back over the tension that had been brewing between the two. Tired of being referred to as ‘kids’, a term Bree had secured for both Brinnette and Mrs. Mops, Lethabo pounced and shaded her about still living with her parents at her big age.

Brinnette recently got divorced and has been rather open about moving in back with her parents. However, Lethabo felt Seopela had no ground to refer to anyone as ‘kids’ when she clearly still under the care of her folk.

Avenging herself for that heated exchange in the middle of last year’s winter, Brinnette showed up with title deeds to prove that she does, in fact, own property.

This would be akin to Kenya Moore bringing her marriage certificate to the RHOA season 12 Reunion to quell blazing rumours that she’d never been legally married to Marc Daly.

Proceeding from there, she alluded to Lethabo being kept and paid for.

One of the most shocking claims of the night, however, has to be the allegations that Mrs. Mops, who Phat Joe questioned about being on a ‘married high horse’, had been cheating on her husband!

It was unnerving, and Mrs. Mops laughed it off as ridiculous. Brinnette mentioned the name of the said side piece but it was bleeped for obvious reasons.

Other funny moments from the reunion included Lethabo and Lebo having a stand off. Lethabo revealed in a funny plot twist that Lebo’s Mauritius wedding cake might have been massive, but most of it was foam. The mansion is also a rental, apparently.

All three parts of the reunion have aired on Mzansi Magic, but viewers can still catch up with all the shade and beautiful gowns, very beautiful gowns, on Showmax.

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