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Newest Teasers for SABC 1 Soapie Uzalo for May

Steam things up during the lockdown with full Uzalo teasers for May!



While other production houses were scrambling to figure out how they were going to supply content during the lockdown, Uzalo‘s hasn’t had similar issues. Fans of the show can expect a full bouquet of episodes for the entire month of May. Here’s a sneak preview of what you will find in our exclusive list of soapie teasers provided by TVSA. Stay tuned to Uzalo which airs Mondays to Fridays on SABC1 at 20h30.

Friday 1 May 2020
Episode 65

Nkunzi pushes to make sure he gets what he wants, Nomcebo threatens an angry Qhabanga, and Sbu tries to follow Fikile’s advice, in vain.

Monday 4 May 2020
Episode 66

MaNgcobo deals Zekhethelo a heavy blow, Sibonelo puts Lilly in a catch-22, and Sbu makes the toughest decision of his life.

Tuesday 5 May 2020
Episode 67 

Nkunzi finds himself having to choose between equally important people in his life, Lilly realises just how twisted Sibonelo is, and Sbu’s negotiation with Sibonelo doesn’t go as planned.

Wednesday 6 May 2020
Episode 68

Nkunzi gets a threat from an unlikely source, Lilly gives Gabisile a stern warning, and Sbu can’t tell Fikile the truth.

Thursday 7 May 2020
Episode 69 

Babekazi fears for her life now that she’s exposed KwaMashu’s femme fatale. MaNgcobo is compelled to fire a close employee to appease Nkunzi’s wounded ego.

Fikile celebrates Sbu’s newfound “power” a tad prematurely.

Friday 8 May 2020
Episode 70

Gabisile is hurt when she learns that someone close to her has lost faith in her innocence. KwaMashu is not running short of marriage proposals, and they’re all coming from the same household.

Sbu receives an expensive gift, but doesn’t think twice to make it disappear.

Monday 11 May 2020
Episode 71 

Gabisile is on a mission to clear her name, but it’s not as easy as she’d hoped it to be. Thulani and Godfather make a tactful move to sabotage Nkunzi. Fikile is on full shopping spree mode, much to Sbu’s discomfort.

Tuesday 12 May 2020
Episode 72

MaNgcobo, Nkunzi and Sibonelo face an uphill battle in their quest to solidify partnerships, Gabisile goes to the ends of the earth to prove her innocence and Sbu makes a lifechanging decision.

Wednesday 13 May 2020
Episode 73

While Nkunzi is busy building, Thulani is busy sabotaging him, Gabisile plays hardball with Nomcebo and Fikile finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place.


Thursday 14 May 2020
Episode 74

A lack of planning by Sibonelo’s team could be very costly. Just as Gabisile thinks she’s winning, her world is turned upside down by a phone call and Fikile digs herself deeper and deeper into a hole.

Friday 15 May 2020
Episode 75

MaZaza throws an ultimatum at Gabisile, baying for her blood. Sibonelo and his crew arrive at the heist location after duping Nkunzi. The walls are closing in on Fikile, she has to pay up.

Monday 18 May 2020
Episode 76

Nkunzi’s failed heist blues place him in a position where he hears painful truths from his lover. MaZaza continues to make Gabisile’s life a living nightmare.

Fikile’s excitement forces Sbu to dig himself in a deeper hole with more lies.

Tuesday 19 May 2020
Episode 77 

Nkunzi takes a drastic decision. When Tsunami doesn’t get what he came for, he does the unthinkable and MaZaza becomes a thorn in Gabisile’s side.

Wednesday 20 May 2020
Episode 78 

Things go awry for Sibonelo and his crew, but all is not as it seems. Fikile’s world is turned upside down. Sibonelo and Gabisile’s plan to deal with MaZaza fails dismally.

Thursday 21 May 2020
Episode 79

In the aftermath of the heist there seems to be another showdown looming when suspicions arise within the two teams. It looks like it’s the end of the road for Gabisile. Kuvukiland’s favourite couple is under siege.

Friday 22 May 2020
Episode 80

Gabisile makes a final decision on how to deal with a huge secret that could destroy lives. The chickens come home to roost for Sibonelo. Fikile makes a shocking discovery about her future.
SABC 1 Uzalo Teasers

Monday 25 May 2020
Episode 81

MaMlambo slips from Godfather’s grip. Sibonelo reveals that he’s taking two wives. Fikile wrestles conflicting emotions about her pregnancy.

Tuesday 26 May 2020
Episode 82   

The Khanyile boys avenge their father. Mazaza backs Gabisile into a tight corner. Fikile is bitter with Sbu for not having a solid plan for their future family.

Wednesday 27 May 2020
Episode 83

Thulani and Godfather indulge in their newfound assets. Njeza rejects Sibonelo’s
lobola. Fikile regrets staying with Sbu.

Thursday 28 May 2020
Episode 84

Nkunzi and MaNgcobo slowly feel the walls closing in on them. Sibonelo shocks everyone by agreeing to a ridiculous amount of ilobola. Sbu tries prove Fikile wrong by stepping up as a man.

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Soapies & Telenovelas

Sonto’s Deadly Wedding on ‘Gomora’ Shocks South Ah

Tragedy came before the vows. [SPOILERS]



Gomoro Sonto Mike's death

No one could have been prepared for the shocking events that transpired on Friday night’s tragic episode of Mzansi Magic telenovela, Gomora. A total blindside!

Possibly, the only moment that provided some form of unintended comic relief was when Ntokozo threw Mazet under the bus after the lethal gunshot. He’s always trying to be Chuck Norris, but proves each time he’s not built for the tough blows that come with being a hard criminal. A mess.

Gomoro Sonto Mike's death

Shocking scenes as Bra Mike dies in Sonto’s arms.

Less amusing was Bra Mike’s shocking death. What had been meant to be the happiest day of his life – marrying his throwback flame in a sweet affair attended by close friends, ended with blood defacing the otherwise pretty flower arrangements.


Mam Sonto and Bra Mike’s relationship was a refreshing departure from Sonto’s otherwise rutted landscape.

Until Mike showed up with unclear intentions at first, the crime mastermind’s soft side had only been reserved for her family. It wasn’t long before the two fell for each other again, marking Sonto’s retirement from the game. By the time she accepted his proposal, she’d decided to devote her life to him and give up her grind.

That’s what good mjolo is supposed to do.


Ntokozo’s issues with his parents reached new heights last week. Just when his Melusi thought he had reached an amicable place with his son, he went on and betrayed his trust once more. And when Mel and Gladys found the boy passed out on the couch with two girls after cleaning up his whiskey, they decided to kick him out.


After running to Mazet’s arms, he decided he was now ready to go on another hijacking spree. And that coming from someone who suffered intense panic attacks from flashbacks to the botched hijacking, which ended with him shooting Mbongeni to his death. Against Mazet’s counsel, he insisted he was ready to give it another go. The opportunity came and he ran for it. Running to mess up.


Back at Sonto’s house, the wedding was slowly coming about. The bride couldn’t be more elated, as her daughters helped her with makeup. Mike standing there with a smile. He was really in love, shem, and so was she. And finally, they were about to seal the deal.

But Mike had to take his new gusheshe for a spin to pass time because wow, the bride getting ready was taking quite a while. Little did he know he’d become the victim of Ntokozo and Mazet’s attempt at a carjack. After being stopped by Ntokozo at gunpoint, he decided to put on a fight. Panicked, Mazet shot him from behind.

That final scene had me in tears. Bra Mike lying in Sonto’s hands at the wedding altar, trying to smile during his last moments as onlookers stared in terror.

This is going to get so interesting from here on out. Gomora airs on Mzansi Magic, weekdays at 19:30.

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Novela Magic now Available to DStv Access Customers

More to watch on the package.



Enakhe Novela Magic

Some good news coming out of the DStv camp for their ‘Access; customers. As of Friday, January 22nd, they will have full access to the new channel, Novela Magic. That means, together with DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, and Family customers, DStv Access viewers can now experience the best of Africa.

Launched last year in November, Novel Magic celebrates Africa’s love for storytelling as well as the local creative talent by showcasing a variety of unique local stories with themes that resonate and engage with the viewers. The channel is MultiChoice and M-Net’s first-ever African only telenovela channel.

Viewers can look forwad to watching Riona

Along with the expansion to DStv Access customers, the exciting telenovela channel continues its mission of delivering the best African stories with the launch of Enakhe and Riona on Friday, 22 January.

In Enakhe, the rebellious princess of a criminal empire, Enakhe, is forced to grow up and take the lead upon her father’s sudden death.

Meanwhile, Riona tells a story of a village under siege and an uprising. Two children born under the dark moon cross a complicated path on their way to fulfil a prophesy set to bring down a wicked king.

Novela Magic is currently only available in the Southern African region. However, plans are underway to roll out the channel to other regions of the African continent. Dates will be communicated.

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Soapies & Telenovelas

Pressure and Betrayal on ‘Imbewu’ in February – Teasers

Zithulele outplayed.



Zithulele Imbewu February 2021 episodes

Here’s what you can expect on ‘Imbewu’ through February 2021;

Tx date: Monday – 01 February 2021
Makhosazana meets up with Nokuzola and puts pressure on her to betray Zithulele,
but Nokuzola refuses and throws a drink in Makhosazana’s face.

Tx date: Tuesday – 02 February 2021
Despite Phakade’s appeal, kaMadonsela is adamant that she will leave their home
and marriage.

Tx date: Wednesday – 03 February 2021
Maharaj pampers Nirupa, igniting Nirupa’s feelings. But Yuveer insists Maharaj
undergoes a psychiatric assessment.

Tx date: Thursday – 04 February 2021
Sibahle Mpisane wants to hold a product launch at Emsamo.

Tx date: Friday – 05 February 2021

MaZulu encourages kaMadonsela to ask Nkululeko to take her to his mother’s
memorial plaque. Nkululeko is irritated when Fikile tells him he has to do it.

Tx date: Monday – 08 February 2021
Nokuzola learns about Zakithi’s affair with Mr Kanaan, before trying to convince
Zithulele to delay the lobola negotiations.

Tx date: Tuesday – 09 February 2021
Nkululeko has another nightmare, and he’s reluctant when kaMadonsela says she
wants to consult a Sangoma.

Tx date: Wednesday – 10 February 2021
Yuveer assures Maharaj that he didn’t blow Maharaj’s cover, but warns him that
Shria’s circling him like a shark.

Tx date: Thursday – 11 February 2021
Nkululeko and Nokuzola look for dirt on Makhosazana. Maharaj wants Nirupa to
make their relationship public, but she wants more time.
Tx date: Friday – 12 February 2021
Makhosazana is surprised to get a gift from Nokuzola that leaves her shocked.
Nkululeko tells Makhosazana she needs to keep quiet.

Tx date: Monday – 15 February 2021

After bashing Maharaj’s head, Shria accuses Nirupa of abandoning her family.
Maharaj swears revenge against Shria.

Tx date: Tuesday – 16 February 2021
Lindiwe is troubled about what’s expected of her in her new role as an
“entertainment influencer”.

Tx date: Wednesday – 17 February 2021
The Bhengu’s hit the road for the labola negotiations, but plans are thwarted when
their taxi breaks down.

Tx date: Thursday – 18 February 2021
MaZulu admits to Menzi that she plans to challenge Nkululeko in court for control of

Tx date: Friday – 19 February 2021
Nkululeko passes out at work.

Tx date: Monday – 22 February 2021
Zithulele tells MaZulu about Nirupa, and asks her to give up her Maluju shares, but
MaZulu refuses.

Tx date: Tuesday – 23 February 2021
KaMadonsela tells Phakade she thinks Nkululeko is hiding something. Lindiwe does
a degrading promotion.

Tx date: Wednesday – 24 February 2021
Maharaj threatens Menzi into calling Yuveer for a job at Shongololo Oil.

Tx date: Thursday – 25 February 2021
Zithulele is about to elope with Nokuzola when he hears the lobola negotiations are
to be resumed.

Tx date: Friday – 26 February 2021
Zithulele is outvoted by Menzi and Nirupa, and it is agreed that Yuveer will be hired
by Shongololo Oil.

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