Action Thriller ‘Extraction’ to Premiere on Netflix

Tyler Rake embarks on the deadliest mission of his career in looming Netflix action blockbuster.



Fears of a possible extension to the ongoing lockdown might be causing a wave of panic for most South Africans.

But while the government is yet to make an official statement on the matter, there’s more entertainment on the pipeline to look forward to either way. On April 24th, 2020, Netflix will be premiering Extraction, an action thriller starring Hollywood leading man Chris Hemsworth, and amongst the main cast  Rudhraksh Jaiswai, Randeep Hood and Goldhifteh Farahani.

Shot on location in India, Extraction is being touted as one potentially of the biggest blockbusters in 2020. Photo: Netflix

The Sam Hargrave directed blockbuster flick centres on the story of a black market mercenary who gets deployed on a mission to rescue the son of an imprisoned international crime lord.


Portrayed by Hemsworth, Tyler Rake is a valiant black market mercenary who doesn’t doesn’t give a flying care about ethics where getting the bag is concerned. Now with nothing left to lose, his special skills are solicited to save a drug lord’s abducted kid.

Despite his experience and knack for the jugular, the dark underworld of weapon dealers and drug dealers cumbers the mission, which goes from being deadly to being an impossible, hopeless undertaking. What happens next alters the lives of Rake and the boy.


GENRE: Action Thriller

DIRECTORS: Sam Hargrave

WRITERS: Joe Russo

PREMIERE: 24 April 2020


Chris Hemsworth

Rudhraksh Jaiswal

Randeep Hooda

Golshifteh Farahani

Pankaj Tripathi

Priyanshu Painyuli

and David Harbour

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