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Stanning Pasha’s Focus on the Mans! – The Bachelor SA

Pasha had the girls breathe through the wound on the latest Bachelor SA episode.



27-year-old dancer, Pasha dos Santos from Cape Town sent ripples of fury through The Bachelor SA mansion once again this week.  And it’s all because of a date card from South Africa’s most eligible TV hunk, Marc Bucker.

Marc invited her on yet another one-on-one date, while some of the other gorgeous ladies in the house have not even had a chance to get to know him properly all on their own at all.

The name on the date card immediately infuriated the ladies, but what set them off even more, was Pasha’s nonchalant response to the invitation.

Although not being in the mood to see Marc, Pasha was pleasantly surprised with his efforts to impress her. Our Bachelor invited her to a couples Aerial Silks session, in other words, taking the time to do something he knows she enjoys.

The already sexy session, was followed by another surprise sensual experience in the form of a couples massage. And then, the date got even more intimate. Marc grabbed the opportunity to massage Pasha, which quickly led to a rose, and then, their first real kiss.

Marc and Pasha kiss - The Bachelor SA season 2

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the ladies couldn’t stop talking about Pasha: Is there a connection? What does he see in her? Why has he chosen her again? What does the date card mean? When she returned, her excitement wasn’t reciprocated and she felt rather uncomfortable sharing the details about her date.

Pasha’s relationship with the ladies in the mansion has been problematic right from the start, when Marc handed her the Wild Rose and she decided to steal the show’s first date from Marisia with it. Some of them also deemed her lap dance at the talent show as inappropriate.

She may not be in a good space with the ladies, but this week showed that she has a special place in Marc’s heart…

Emotions at the mansion

A number of girls at the mansion are questioning the status of their relationships with Marc, after Pasha received another one-on-one date.

Rikki gets her first kiss

Rikki gets her first kiss from Marc! Photo: M-NET

Emotions ran high for: Bridget who wanted to leave the mansion due to her feeling like there was no point in staying; Andeline who was offended that he gave every girl a rose on their one-on-ones, but didn’t give her one; and lastly, Jess.R who just spent the week before with him at a getaway in Namibia and handed him a letter.

A trip to a bygone era

Five beautiful ladies were invited to spend time with Marc on a romantic steam train date – at Reef Steamers – where they spent time together as a group, as well as one-on-one. The ladies were Marisia, Daniella, Bridget Gillian and Jess.C.

Some of the ladies used the time to validate their relationships with Marc, ask some tough questions and to get to know him better. Bridget decided to use the valuable time to air house politics – much to the dislike of Marc.

Regardless, he still offered her a rose to put her mind at ease about their relationship. At the end of the group date, he asked Gillian to join him for special breakaway time, where he also presented her with a rose.

A shady Cocktail Party

The vibe at the Cocktail Party was not a pleasant one, as Pasha felt like an outsider among the ladies. This led to her throwing some shady comments throughout the night, as she felt like the ladies were gossiping behind her back. Her comment, “whisky for skinny girls”, upset many of the ladies in the house, especially Bridget, who felt like the comment was aimed towards her.

On a positive note, Rikki got her first kiss!… and it looked as though neither of them could get enough.

The Rose Ceremony

With eleven ladies left and three roses already handed out on dates, only seven roses were up for grabs. And, as feelings become more and more profound, Marc’s decision on which lady to send home only gets tougher.

Towards the end of the Rose Ceremony, Daniella was the unlucky lady to find herself without a rose and had to say goodbye. Her parting words: “I did mention to Marc on our group date that if you don’t see anything, please send me home.

But it is hard because I wasn’t able to really get to know him. I do believe in true love, and I do believe that everyone has that one person that they’re going to spend the rest of their life with. I do think I’ll meet someone and I do think I’ll fall in love and I’ll have the happily ever after – it’s just not with Marc,”.

The Bachelor SA Season 2 airs every Thursday at 19:00 on M-Net Channel 101. What did you think of last night’s romance, and the tantrums? Chat back in the comments section below!

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Inside the Star-Studded Season 2 Teaser for Young, Famous & African

Look at the material!




Young and Famous Netflix season 2

Today, Netflix released the official teaser for the second season of the hit unscripted reality series, Young, Famous & African.

This season sees the return of Africa’s most famous and fabulous, as they embrace life and love on the richest square mile on the continent. This time,  however, a few new faces promise to make their mark in Africa’s most elite group.

Enter Bonang Matheba, South Africa’s entertainment industry darling whose presence certainly ruffles a few feathers;  Fantana, Ghanaian-American rapper and all-round superstar who quickly makes her mark on the group and Luis Munana from Namibia, former Big Brother Africa contestant and entrepreneur extraordinaire who brings the heat from the onset. 

The all-star cast of season one returns to face a lot of unanswered questions like what happened between Diamond Platnumz, Andile Ncube and Zari Hassan after the chance encounters between the trio in Diamond’s home,  and what is the status of everyone’s friendships after many arguments, loads of drama, and a pot stir or two from Khanyi Mbau and Nadia Nakai.  

Also worth looking out for is the appearance of model and socialite Sebabatso Mothibi, as well as the supermodel and actress, Rosette Ncwana, both of whom share a relationship history with Andile.

Given the drama and tension from the previous season, how does this play into the existing dynamic on the show?

Season two of Young, Famous & African launches only on Netflix on 19 May 2023 worldwide. 

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As Quench previously reported, it looks like glam Queen Mpho Mops will be a no-show for the looming season. Hers was an explosive departure, which followed the damning allegations of infidelity she faced at the season 2 reunion.

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LeJoy might have to spill on what happened on that one fateful night at the Durban July.

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‘Asylum’ is Uncle Waffles’ sophomore tape.

The 7-track project, which contains the blockbuster viral sensation ‘yahyuppiyah, shipped over 12 500 units in its first week. The official single’s delayed landing is likely to have helped the EP to run up impressive numbers.

Ms. Zwane recruited over 17 collaborators for the project.

After all, the song has been the darling of Tik Tok challenges around the world, many of which relied on the audio snippet being circulated without an official release.

Spanning just over 38 minutes in duration, the EP plays up to the disc jockey’s reputation for banging out addictive hooks with massive social media appeal. Working with 17 collaborators, Waffles confidently delivers her own take on Amapiano’s increasingly fluid soundscape.

The project arrives as the 23-year-old takes her tour to the US, where she’s covering venues in several states. This past weekend, Uncle Waffles made her debut at Coachella.

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