AKA vs Cassper ––  Worn Out Beef Reaches New Lows

Yikes. The worn out feud has hit new lows.



While presumably social distancing with the rest of the world, AKA has found the time to challenge his arch rival, Cassper Nyovest, to a boxing match.

Except on Thursday morning, the Main Ous rapper went a few steps further than the usual frenemy banter usually exchanged by the two.

What started with AKA sliding in Cassper’s DMs, where he tossed out a litany of profanities, devolved into a bizarre spectacle of back to back insults, each one more vicious than the previous.

After daring Nyovest to accept his challenge for a moment in the ring in a series of scathing tweets, in which he also uses a homophobic slur, AKA proceeded to toss F bombs towards Cassper’s parents.

Somebody please tell and tag Tsibip That his father is a deadbeat dad for allowing him to drop out of high school “, he tweeted. Adding “And his mother is just as bad for allowing it. #signthecontract …. immediately. (sic)”

Things continue worsening as more insults trickled in.

Cassper hit back with a warning against the use of substances.

What are your thoughts on this beef? Hit us up in the comments section below!

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