Tea On The 13 Remaining Girls on The Bachelor SA!



Season 2 of The Bachelor SA definitely has a couple of people here at QuenchSA hooked, and it’s not just because that Mark Buckner is hot as hell!

And, if you’ve been following the season along with us, you’ll be thrilled to know that there’s still so much drama to look forward to during this week’s episode of the reality TV dating show.

This week, the ladies’ emotions run particularly high. The thought of not spending enough time with Marc is a scary reality. Among the ladies, there are still two beauties who have been patiently waiting for a date – whether it’s a precious one-on-one or a group date.

Will Andeline and Jess.R finally find their names on a date card?


  • Marc invites one lucky lady on an exotic trip to Chobe Water Villas.
  • There’s a fun talent show during which the ladies have to show Marc that they have confidence on stage. But then there is a twist!
  • Tears, tears and more tears. A few of the ladies are feeling a little more nervous and vulnerable than usual. Have they done enough to get a rose?
  • A dramatic turn of events at the Rose Ceremony.
  • And, best of all, Marc is taking off his shirt again!


  • Andeline – The gorgeous redhead has not been invited to a single date by Marc since her arrival at the mansion. Last week, she had a fallout with Nolo, who completely disregarded the plan of giving her the first opportunity to chat to Marc at the Cocktail Party. Will she finally get her chance to get closer to Marc this week?


  • Bridget – Bridget was one of the first lucky ladies to be invited to a group date, joined by Parushka, Greta and Mulesa. On the date, they had to build a kennel for Marc’s furry rescue child, Luna. Since then, Bridget has had more drama than dates but continues to get a rose at the rose ceremonies. Is Marc stringing her along for the ride?
  •  Daniella – Daniella has only been on one group date and hasn’t had the opportunity to get some one-on-one time with Marc. At the cocktail parties, their interactions have been almost nonexistent. Does Marc know enough about her to keep her around?
  •  Gillian – Gillian with a G will always be unforgettable – she did, after all, sing a song to Marc on the red carpet. And, let’s not forget, she won the race in the Toyota Supra on the group date – but, she didn’t win the one-on-one time. She has been a bubbly figure in the house, but Marc may be overlooking her.
  • Jess.C – Jess.C has been on one group date, but also, hasn’t left much of a mark on Mar. Will she make the right moves to secure a place at the mansion?
  • Jess.R – Dazzling and graceful, Jess.R has been patiently waiting for her turn to get to know Marc. She hasn’t been invited on a single date, but she hasn’t let that get her spirit down. Is her time coming soon?
  • Marisia – The sweetheart of the mansion was the very first lady to be invited to a one-on-one date, but unfortunately Pasha used her Wild Rose to steal it from her.  She didn’t have to wait long, however, as Marc couldn’t wait to see her again and invited her for a second one-on-one, where things got very steamy… and very intimate.
  • Mulesa – The sophisticated Mulesa joined Marc on one of the first group dates, where he chose her to spend some one-on-one time with her and admitted that she is honestly one of the most beautiful women he has ever met. She didn’t get a rose on the date, but she’s held a special place in his heart.
  • Parushka – Like Jess.C, she’s been on one group date, but failed to leave a lasting impression. Is her time coming or are her days numbered?
  • Pasha – Vivacious and confident Pasha received a Wild Rose at the very first rose ceremony, alloweing her to steal someone’s date. She also impressed Marc at the Waterpark group date, where she donned a sexy bikini and orchestrated alone time with him. Does she have any more tricks up her sleeve?
  • Qiniso – A firm audience favourite, Qiniso was the first lady entering the mansion and the first to lock lips with Marc. It happened during their unforgettable one-on-one date in Durban that sent waves of jealousy through the mansion. Many of the ladies don’t see their connection, but is there more than what meets the eye?
  • Rikki – Rikki has been on two group dates, one of which allowed her breakaway time with Marc. She did receive a rose on the date, but not a kiss. Is she holding back or waiting for their relationship to develop further?
  • Silke – The exquisitely beautiful Silke received this season’s First Impression Rose, which usually indicates being a front-runner among the other 21 ladies. Thereafter, she hardly interacted with Marc and many date cards rolled into the mansion without her name on it.  Viewers could  sense Silke’s frustration. Then, last week, she made a breakthrough. She went on group date alongside Pi, Nolo, Rikki and Pasha where she also got alone time with Marc – and a rose! Wanting to confirm her connection with him, Silke also stole a kiss from Marc at the cocktail party.

The Bachelor SA Season 2 airs  every Thursday at 19:00 on M-Net Channel 101.

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