‘Girlfriend Allowance’— Date My Family Recap

Thandeka’s minimum ‘girlfriend allowance’ sits at R3000 per month…



The latest episode of Date My Family once more offered many opportunities for viewers to have interesting dialogues while having fun. On Sunday night on Mzansi Magic, DStv channel 161, viewers got to explore many topics – from gender roles to classism vs. personal choice in the world of dating in Joburg.

The bachelorette was Thandeka Malaza, a 25-year old who was looking for a guy with a car to take care of her as she pursues her aspirations to be a pampered housewife.

Many of the suitors family members were shocked by this revelation. We aren’t sure what was more shocking for them – the fact that she was so upfront about needing to be taken care of, or the fact that she wanted to be taken care of.

Either way, her campaign for someone to fund the life towards which she aspires made for some interesting ‘ooh’s and ‘ah’s. But Malaza was adamant, and that was that.


The ideal guy needed to have a car. As the episode progressed, it started coming across as though that was, in fact, the main thing.

She does have her own car, and she is currently employed (although didn’t want to furnish us with the same details she demanded so vigorously from her suitors.

The potential suitors for the episode were Sihle, Bandile and Sihle


Consisting of Sechaba, Kgosiyami and Thabo , Sihle’s day ones prepared lamb chops, dumplings, cream spinach and a green salad.

  • Sechaba, a friend who grew up with Sihle.
  • Kgosiyami, friend who grew up with Sihle
  • Thabo “also known as Guns”, knew Thabo since the beginning of time.


Taolo, Gift and Brian made chicken curry and roti, and kept the desert as a surprise for Thandeka.


Avile’s cousin Thando was joined by his friends Hlumelo and Avile in hosting Thandeka over a two course meal, which consisted of a veggie starter and then veggie and meat.


The first bachelor is Sihle Ndlovu, a 28 year old. He is now looking for someone with a great personality. He has two kids. Deal breaker for him would be a long distance relationship. “I need my person here”, he says.

Based on his friends and their personalities, Thandeka is not convinced that Sihle would be her type. She’s also not impressed with the fact there’s no electricity.

Upon finding out that he already has two children at 28, Thandeka loses even more hope that things could work out between her and Sihle, whom she’s yet to meet. “It means he’s a busy body”, she judges.

She didn’t wast much time before asking about him having a car. While she’s relieved to find out that he is mobile, Sihle’s friends turn the tables and ask her if she’d be willing to give his children a lift in her car.


She wants girlfriend allowance, in order to be able to look good all the time. In turn, she will “service him” in the bedroom and in the kitchen.

Everyone though, including Sihle, was taken aback when she revealed that she’s a bit crazy and hella spiteful. Didn’t sit well. The fact she wanted to be a pampered housewife also didn’t add much to her case.

Bandile Ngidi is 25 years old. He lives in Pretoria but originally from Kwa Zulu Natal. His friends call him 3 in 1 and it’s not what you are thinking. Turns out he got the nickname because he teaches, sings and runs a travelling agency.

Triple threat, basically!

Contrary to the relaxed environment she lambasted at Sihle’s family, she soon finds herself in the hot seat as soon as she meets Bandile’s friends. She’s asked what she does for a living, which she didn’t answer. “Just know that I’m sorted”, she says. It’s also here she gets asked if she’s really looking for a blesser.

“Do you expect him to be the one that pays all the time?”, Zinhle asked. To which she replied, “For the most part, he needs to pay.”

But while we couldn’t get exactly what she does for a living, she quickly slams Bandile’s job as a teacher. “Teacher’s salary is too basic”.

The big question about the car finally came. “He does have a license”, she found out. And that seemed to cool down her expectations.

Avile George 

Avile George is 28 years old. He’s originally from the Eastern Cape, but is currently based in Midrand. He’s a senior applications developer.

Thandeka’s ‘does he have a car’ tour continues when she meets Avile’s friends. But he’s in senior management, so they are taken aback by the question. In actual fact, he has two cars. They ask her if she has her own car as well, and we have yet another session of the car conversation. She’s big on cars, the good sis.

“Is he willing to spend on a girl?”, she asks. “He’s not the time to subside people’s lives”, she gets told in yet another dead end to her mission to find someone who will maintain her.

Thandeka’s girlfriend allowance rate is around R5K a month, but she’ll settle for ‘as little as’ R3K if it comes to that!

It didn’t take long before she was debating Avile’s friends on the matter of sex being free. It’s her view that sex is not free and that boyfriends should pay for her hygienic upkeep, amongst other things.

When she revealed to this group her aspirations to be a houswife, she was slammed as being unstable.


In the end she chose to go on a date with Avile. He’d already decided that she was definitely not her match, so being selected didn’t really go down well I’m him.

The date was awkward as hell. Thaandeka asked if Avile liked what he saw, and he turned it around to ask if that’s why she’d been so scantily clad.

Next up, the two debated the girlfriend allowance thing. He doesn’t think her personal hygiene should be his responsibility.

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