Boity’s Long Awaited Reality Show Premieres! – Honest TV Review

You can’t help but love Boity! But the first episode of ‘Own Your Throne’, we are afraid, misfired.



  • After months of anticipation, Boity Thulo’s reality show, Own Your Throne, finally premiered on BET. 
  • The show gave viewers a “deeper glimpse” into the media personality’s life, including her spiritual and musical journeys, as well her relationship with her mother. 
  • Fans are smitten with Boity loveable character!
  • But that was not enough to elevate what felt like a poorly executed start, which lacked flow and flavour. 

While documenting one’s life and giving up the simple pleasures of anonymity was once frowned upon, South African celebrities have definitely warmed up to the idea of giving their fans televised access into their lives. Somizi has done it, Bonang has done it, and Dineo Moeketsi recently melted hearts with her three-part TV wedding special.

South African TV personality Boity became the latest celebrity to add ‘reality’ to her portfolio when on Wednesday, she premiered her own highly anticipated reality show, Own Your Thrown.

Airing on BET, DStv channel 129, the show offers viewers a look inside the media darling’s glamorous life.

Fans are are familiar with the splashy displays of her lavish lifestyle on social media.

On her social platforms, Boity is not shy about flaunting her expensive whips, premium globetrotting endeavours and an enviable closet full of expensive designer bags, designer shoes and copious amounts of high fashion designer clothes out there.

When the reality show made a debut, however, they got a little bit more than the timeline.

Boity invited the cameras into her spiritual world, as she consults her ancestors. Photo: DStv Catchup

Boity chronicles bits of her musical journey, introduces us to the people who are near and dear to her, and puts on her sangoma garb.

The 28 year old, who in 2019 thrilled fans with the release of her first two singles, Wuz Dat and Bakae, takes fans into the process of creating music, distills the instinctive touch that shaped both her musicality and journey to being a sangoma, as well her documenting her mushrooming working relationship with Bobby Blanco.

They’ve been partying together for years, but Boity wants to know how she can take him under her wing. Bobby will continue being part of the show’s cast, QuenchSA understands.


The 30-minute show kicked off with Boity introducing herself to her fans.

Indeed, she’s one of the most recognisable faces in the country. But not even popularity that has seen her gain more than 3, 5 million followers on Instagram alone mean we know her.

If anything, she’s only documented curated sightings of the stuff she’s been comfortable with letting her fans see, and a lot of that has been carefully managed.

Of course, she’s had some highly publicised personal moments, a few which came with some drama.

Her former relationship with Cassper Nyovest is one such headline making season in her career.

They were the talk of the town – he the country’s most talked about rapper and she one of the entertainment industry’s “it girls”. Her journey to becoming a sangoma is another one. She shared with her fans her spiritual journey.

Outside these moments and her music, this reality show would be the first time Boity is really allowing her fans to really get to know her.

Far from the allure around her controlled narrative, she’s now says she’s now ready to loosen up. “I’m now allowing myself to just be”, she shares in one of the confessional diary sessions.

The first scene features Boity reflecting on her spiritual journey. She drives to Cosmo City to meet with Gogo Dineo, her spiritual mentor. We get shots of the initiates doing their thing.

She’s there to communicate with her ancestors before embarking on the latest project, the reality show. “I really want (the show) to be impactful in a positive way”, and the session is an important spiritual consultation before undertaking such missions.

The next moments introduce us to Boity and her mother’s relationship. With quite the social media following herself, Boity’s fans are already somewhat familiar with her. In the scene, Boity is stressing about her looming trip to Spain.

The two also bicker about her Schengen visa. As far as her musical journey is concerned, we get some reactions to her first single, Wuz Dat, going gold. She also reveals that she’s worked on a song with Riky Rick.


We will be giving the show two more goes, but’s it’s on probation.

We are as happy to see more South African celebrities doing reality shows as we are to see more unscripted shows on our screens.

Boity was the obvious next, seeing there’s so much going in her life and career that would make for good reality.

Unfortunately, though, Own Your Throne didn’t really do much on the first episode. The most dramatic moment was Boity’s make up artist being lost in an Uber that couldn’t find her place, which should have been left in the cutting floor.

The scenes with Bobby Blanco were too long.

We don’t imagine Boity’s fans couldn’t wait to watch the social media manager and their fave having a back and forth about what a ‘promo boy’ really does. We also don’t get why that scene had to be there in the first place, considering it barely contributed anything to the progression of the first episode.

Overall, the Own Your Throne premiere episode was underwhelming.

Tune in with us again on Wednesday at 21:30 on BET, DStv channel 129. We are hoping for more.

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