Shane Eagle Premieres The ‘Dark Moon FLWR’ Album

The sophomore album delivers 23 new tracks.



Shane Eagle on Wednesday liberated his second studio album, the much anticipated Black Moon FLWR.

The project comes hot on the heels of his 2018 EP, the critically lauded Never Grow Up, which garnered the rapper stunning reviews in the QuenchSA music department. It’s also the first sibling to Yellow, Eagle’s SAMA award winning debut album.

The sophomore piece decks a cohesive set of 23 new toons, a new catalogue that triples the number of tracks on an average album these days.


He’s certainly defying more than Kanye West’s 7-joint commandment, choosing to bolster his splendid discography with enough new work to complete the new era.

First availed for pre-orders shortly after the rapper unveiled the tracklist earlier this month, the album features guest appearances by the likes of Nasty C, Lute, The Hics, Celaborate, J-Tek, PatricKxxLee, theMIND, Santi, Bas, as well as Kota The Friend.

The line-up of lesser known acts, who’s prominence in the international, alternative and underground scenes, further drives home Eagle’s notoriety for shunning mainstream trappings of contemporary Hip Hop, instead choosing to carefully craft his own musical universe.

It’s a universe in which he is free to tackle a vast constellation of subjects and themes, including dystopian and complex relations with religiosity, outgrowing the soundscape and everything in between.

The sophomore project has already spawned two singles. Last week, Eagle released PARIS, his collaborative entry with Nasty C. The album’s leading promotional single, BLACK, emerged a few weeks before then.


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