Ami Faku Drops Debut Album ‘Imali’

Ami Faku makes a strong debut



The Eastern Cape songbird treated the culture to Imali, an 11 track debut project which comes just days after she collected her first joint GOLD plaque for her appearance on Sun El Musician’s Into Ngawe.

Stepping into the spotlight with a confident catalogue, Faku showcases her sun-drenched voice which melt into lush sonics.

She’s definitely a singer who is here to make a statement, and doing all of it with such ease and poetic justice. Delivering a compelling debut album, which elevates her take on afro soul with a billowing surge of delightful entries, Ami Faku has snapped.

Fortunately, her timing couldn’t be more apt. The album had shot straight to #1 on iTunes Pre-Order chart.

The album features executive production credits by A&R and  Raphael Benza of Vth Season, as well as production dab hands Sun-EL Musician and Wilson Okafor.

Sun-EL Musician and Wilson Okafor, IMALI is a solid, timeless album that the country and global music fans will enjoy for years to come.

You can now stream or download Ami Faku’s IMALI album

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