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Castle Lite Unlocks The Best Of Hip Hop

A bevy of South Africa’s hottest Hip Hop artists assembled to deliver two days of non stop explosion of culture as Meek Mill and Post Malone toured the land.



In the profound words of iconic Hip-Hop aficionado, Nas who graced the Castle Lite Unlocks stage in 2014: “Hip-hop is the streets. Hip-hop is a couple of elements that come from back in the days; that feel of music with urgency that speaks to you.

It speaks to your livelihood and is not compromised. It’s blunt. It’s raw, straight off the street – from the beat to the voice to the words”.

There is perhaps no better way to fully encapsulate the 2019 Castle Lite Unlocks experience than in the words of this legendary artist.

It is artists such as Nas, whose work has transcended music and crept into fashion, business and the influence of urban pop/street culture that continue to inspire brands like Castle Lite to invest in the business.

And it is on this premise that Castle Lite, Africa’s premium beer brand and chief supporter of African Hip-Hop, sought evolve the 7th annual Castle Lite Unlocks experience.

It is an evolution that exists not only within the Unlocks property, but one that is evident within Hip-Hop itself. This year saw the dawn of a new era as Castle Lite Unlocks celebrated the evolution of Hip-Hop from a musical outlet to a cultural movement.

In 2019, the brand introduced a second day of the Castle Lite Unlocks experience, evolving the one-day musical concert into a fully-fledged cultural spectacle paying homage to Hip-Hop’s indelible mark on society.

Through fashion, gaming, master classes, street culture, lifestyle and music, this year’s Castle Lite Unlocks experience on 17 and 18 June at the TicketPro Dome allowed for a bigger platform, giving local artists the space to shine like never before.

SA’s coolest kids came out in their numbers to show love to their favourites. On Day 1 of the experience, Monday 17 June, fans got to witness something that had never been done before when the biggest names in local Hip-Hip turned the Dome into the place to be.

The new wave of African Hip-Hop made a big splash at this year’s Castle Lite Unlocks when they kick-started the day off with their Cold Table Convo, a platform created to share ideas, forecast trends within the genre and offer inspiration.

Hosted by DJ Speedsta, the panel saw J Molley, A-Reece, Rowlene and The Big Hash talk about what it means to be “new wave” in local Hip-Hop.

True to their multifaceted nature, these new-age stars showed off their range on different stages throughout the day. While Speedsta held down the hosting duties on the main stage, A-Reece, The Big Hash and talk-of-the-night rapper, Rouge showed off their rap prowess during the ColdSwayCyphers.

They were, of course, in good company as they shared the Castle Lite Unlocks arena with local street culture aficionados like Loot Love who held down the hosting duties alongside Speedsta, as well as Riky Rick who, in addition to his extra cold performance, put on a fascinating exhibition for Cotton Club centered around the vomiting emoji in the Cold Square.

Riky also spoke on the Street Culture panel at the Cold Table Convos alongside host and Loxion Kulca founder, Wand Nzimande, sneaker expert, Zaid Ozman, branding expert, Ramona Kayembe and YoungstaCPT.

The industry disruptors also brought their unique brand of Hip-Hop to the fore on Day 1 as host Silkour chaired a panel comprised of Moozlie, Shane Eagle and Cassper Nyovest alongside Hip-Hop guru, Sway Calloway.

Representing the next level stars of the SA Hip-Hop scene were AKA, Nasty C, Gigi LaMayne, filmmaker, Lebo Rasethaba and entertainment lawyer, Homecoming Events founder and host of Showbiz panel, Katlego Malatji.

Cassper Nyovest, Nadia Nakai, AKA, and Moozlie were some of the biggest performers of the night. While, Mozambican rapper, LayLizzy’s extra cold performance left fans mesmerized with his effortless delivery.

Day 1 international headliner, Meek Mill sealed the deal with an extra cold performance at the end of the night. The US rapper performed his biggest hits including Dangerous and 24/7. He also took a moment out of his performance to thank South African fans for supporting him and his music through all the hardships of his career.

This paved the way for Day 2 of the Castle Lite Unlocks experience, which was a subzero musical concert like no other. Local legends and international performers shared the stage in what was another enthralling end to the Castle Lite Unlocks experience.

Nasty C, Riky Rick and Rouge got the party started with their biggest hits before day 2 international headline act, Post Malone thrilled consumers with a once-in-a-lifetime performance alongside special guest appearance, Tyla Yaweh.


5 Biggest Mzansi Celebrity Beefs in 2020

They can’t stand each other.



Sizwe vs AKA 2020

South African celebrities often preach unity and the mission to elevate the local creative industry. But it doesn’t look like as all of them get along as we’d collectively wish they did.

Black Coffee and Prince Kaybee are both fire on the decks and have each produced some of the biggest street anthems we’ve ever known, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should be expecting a collaborative summer hit from both of them.

Far from it, in actual fact. The house music maestros recently publicly shaded each other in what has become the latest public feud involving famous persons from the top rank of local pop culture.

Though, it isn’t as if their bitter exchange functioned outside the norm. AKA and Cassper Nyovest have sustained a beef that might or might not have overstayed it’s welcome. Both Riky Rick and Ms Cosmo have lamented the feud’s detrimental presence in the culture, slamming it as “draining” and “exhausting to the game.”

The two have been beefing on and off for the better chunk of the previous decade. Although both insanely successful in their lanes, it’s starting to seem like neither AKA or Cassper Nyovest can go several weeks without tossing random shade at each other. Their beef has been touted as Africa’s most profitable though, so it might not serve either well to plead for a truce.

After all, records need to be sold and relevance must be maintained. And with the two of them outdoing each other with splashy press announcements of fresh projects every other month, a little bit of publicity revolving around their nasty spat is essential to drive the bottom line.

Though, their feuding ways aren’t just reserved for each other. We know Cassper isn’t on good terms with Riky Rick and Prince Kaybee. For a good few years, Cassper and Riky weren’t inseparable. But, a few collaborative projects later, the two raised eyebrows when some subtle mudslinging surfaced.

To the shock of the multitudes, Cassper’s absence on the performer line-up of Riky’s Cotton On Festival was pretty loud. Up until that point, he’d been a constant feature at Cassper Fill Up movement. How the hell had AKA, instead of AKA, on the line-up?

We also know that AKA isn’t sending lovely texts to Sizwe Dhlomo, Prince Kaybee and DJ Maphorisa aren’t in a group chat and the young rappers are contributing their bit to the dissing culture.


While the two are often compared, they’ve seldom acquiesced to the commercial seductions of capitalizing on their rivalry to sell records. Both aged 23 with the lyrical currency to rap cats twice their age under the table, it’s not hard to see why Nasty C and A-Reece are often pitted against each other.

But in April this year, A-Reece sparked fresh beef chatter when Sotho Man With Some Power surfaced on streaming platforms. The project, which assembled some of Reece’s finest works, dropped out of the blue on Apple Music on Friday, April 17th.

Where things got spicy is over the fact that Nasty’s looming third studio album is titled Zulu Man With Some Power. The drop was taken by fans to be a subliminal message to Nasty C.

And after Nasty C remarked on Twitter that the situation was “sad sad sad sad sad”, A-Reece’s legal team issued a statement denying any involvement with the drop, and explained that it has been the work of a dusty third party. In simpler terms, A-Reece’s team knew nothing about the Apple music publishing of Sotho Man With Some Power.

To this date, the whole thing remains a sketchy mystery.


When the two engaged each other in some mudslinging in April this year, their beef generated enough buzz to spark a conversation about the future of new school Hip Hop in South Africa. After all, not many beefs had managed to move the streets outside of the default AKA vs. Cassper.

The Big Hash vs. J Molley beef is believed to have started when the Big Hash dished the first shot on a song called ‘I’m Sorry’.

The song, which surfaced on the rapper’s Soundcloud “Carried a coffin big enough to carry Mooz’ and Molley. That’s no disrespect to anyone if you are offended, sorry!” . The track is taken from Hash’s EP, Life + Times.

J Molley hit back with a lethal retort. Pallbearer (The Big Hash Diss) charged towards The Big Hash, taking him from several angles. Their back and forth went on for a while, and they’ve yet to reconcile their differences.  


The genesis of their strife remains a mystery, but the end of it proved a few points. What started out as the usual back and forth chatter on Twitter ended with multiple apologies that sparked a frenzy on Twitter. Is Sizwe Dhlomo really this powerful?

Last month, two of the most outspoken South African celebrities took each other on over Twitter.

It all started when AKA publicized the fallout between him and sportswear brand PUMA, claiming that he hadn’t been paid as hoped for his ambassadorship of the SNEAKA sneaker line.

Right on brand, Sizwe wasted no time in keeping it real about his assessment of the situation. AKA, he opined, had not made the best business decisions.

AKA hit back, targeting the culture commentator’s bootleg wearing ways.

Where things escalated, however, is when AKA questioned the history of the Dhlomo family, alluding that Dhlomo’s grandfather could have been an apartheid spy.

It ended it tears.

Both AKA and Riky Rick, who’d criticized Dhlomo over his comments, shared heartfelt apologies and looked like they meant it. Yikes!


Black Coffee and Prince Kaybee have a lot in common. They are some of the country’s most respected House music producers and DJs. They both boast sprawling catalogs and know what it’s like to have summer anthems back to back for a few years.

What’s more, however, is their shared experience with feuding publicly. Black Coffee has beefed with AKA, and at one point slapped the rapper’s road manager onstage during a heated confrontation. Prince Kaybee has fought with a long list, including Cassper Nyovest, DJ Maphorisa, TNS and Msaki.

The latest in their list of public daggers came last week when they exchanged jabs on the Twitter. Prince Kaybee had tweeted, “The problem is that celebrities fall for the same trap all the time, ‘the urge to sound wise’. You watch a few youtube videos you (sic) wanna sound intelligent. Carry on, you will meet your maker. (sic)”. 

Black Coffee came through, and asked “Here’s a question without the “urge of sounding intelligent “…..are you a celebrity?”

Things devolved further from there. It was just oh so nasty and oh so rude.


Apart from being hit machines, these two sure know how to throw shade when least expected. DJ Maphorisa has beefed with Black Coffee, Lady Zamar, Cassper Nyovest (now happily re-friended), and all of you who joked that he was keeping Kabza De Small up beyond his sleep times.

DJ Maphorisa and Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee appears twice in this list because he’s no stranger to beefs.

So it was only a matter of time before these two bumped heads. In February, the house music DJ’s took each other on over who has the most hits, streams, chart success, money… and so on and so forth.


It started when DJ Maphorisa shaded local artists for not owning masters to their music, blasting the likes of Prince Kaybee, Lady Zamar, and Mafikizolo for sleeping on the real bag. Prince Kaybee hit back and the two spent days publishing receipts of their commercial success.


The list wouldn’t be complete without the biggest celebrity beef in Africa. The rappers have been feuding for so long that one can hardly be mentioned without the other.

AKA and Cassper's beef makes it to 2020 as AKA challenges Cassper Nyovest to a boxing match on Twitter

And it’s not just beef tracks, which came and went. Their beef reached new levels in 2018 when their beef drove sales for the vodka international brands they represent. Fans bought in and took side, claiming allegiance to a vodka brand aligned with their fave.


This year though, AKA and Cassper’s beef reached new lows when AKA brandished threats and started insulting Cassper’s parents. He drew criticism from both fans and his peers.

Riky Rick has slammed the beef. “It might exciting for twitter but behind the scenes its something most rappers keep quiet on because its draining the life out of the culture”, he tweeted.

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Africa Now Radio With Cuppy Premieres On Apple Music

The freshly launched show celebrates sounds from Africa.



Music lovers are in for a treat. Apple Music has launched a new show called Africa Now Radio With Cuppy, host of the show and Nigerian-born DJ and curator.

Africa Now Radio with Cuppy, based on the recently launched Africa Now playlist will showcase the latest African sounds, be it amapiano, afrobeats, highlife, alte, house, hip-hop, afrobongo, or kuduro.

Listeners will hear the latest and greatest African artists and new forms of African popular music which fuse traditional and contemporary sensibilities, morphing into hybridized sonic fragments connecting all corners of Africa.

Apple Music today announced its new show Africa Now Radio with Cuppy, host of the show and Nigerian-born DJ and curator. Africa Now Radio with Cuppy, based on the recently launched Africa Now playlist will showcase the latest African sounds, be it amapiano, afrobeats, highlife, alte, house, hip-hop, afrobongo, or kuduro. Listeners will hear the latest and greatest African artists and new forms of African popular music which fuse traditional and contemporary sensibilities, morphing into hybridized sonic fragments connecting all corners of Africa.

“With a DJ background, I’m excited not only to play music but showcase the vast array of talented artists cultivating the music scene on the continent!” said Apple Music host Cuppy. “There are so many rich textures and sounds in Africa and the time is now for the world to embrace our diversity. Each and every week I’ll be bringing a dynamic guide to discovering and celebrating the biggest and best sounds from across Africa, the Motherland. It will be entertainment at its best, Cuppy style!”

On the debut episode, Nigerian Producer Kiddominant – known for producing African hits such as Davido’s “Fall” and AKA’s “Fela In Versace” – joins Cuppy via FaceTime.

He tells Apple Music about his new single  ‘eWallet’ featuring South African superstar rapper Cassper Nyovest and taken from his forthcoming debut album due for release in the second half of 2020. South African actress and ‘Queen Sono’ lead character Pearl Thusi calls in to share her favorite African proverb and current favorite African song.

Cuppy plays the best and hottest African music throughout the show and finishes off with a personalized 10-minute DJ mix of tracks from the Africa Now playlist.

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Inside Channel O Looming New Show, ‘Remix.Studio’

New era, new twist from the music channel.



Aubrey Qwana
Visually intriguing Aubrey Qwane is part of a slew of artist to be featured. Photo: Instagram/Aubrey Qwane

After years of giving us next to nothing for what feels like ever, Channel O appears to be leveling up to a fresh era packed with exciting new shows.

With the Lockdown House Party gearing to its end in the looming weekend, the music channel has added a new music show to their schedule.

The show, which aims to deliver on its promise to cross-pollinate music, fashion, and African excellence with “a keen sense of curiosity”, is called Remix. Studio. It will debut on Channel O on Friday, June 5th, filling the gap likely to be left behind as Shimza’s lockdown virtual groove bows out from screens.

Remix.Studio is “a refreshing new concept that celebrates multi-dimensional creativity by providing a fluid space for beloved African musicians – established and emerging”, it says here. The show looks “to expand on fan-favourite anthems by reinterpreting them in a live setting, both sonically and visually.”

Taking the idea of the conventional remix and pushing its limits, the concept is unique in that, in addition to the never-before-heard live rendition of the song that each episode will focus on, the artist is also styled in 3 different outfits that add a vibrant visual dimension to the remix experience.

Coupled with whimsically colourful graphics and sing-along lyrics that will appear on screen; bonus verses, melodic interpolations, acappella cadences, stripped-down ballads and masterful auto-tuned vocals are among the diversely inspired deliveries you can expect to experience from some of the continent’s most exceptional artists.

These will include, AKA (South Africa), Sauti Sol (Kenya), Tresor (DRC), Tshego (South Africa), Lucille Slade (South Africa), Sió (South Africa) Aubrey Qwana (South Africa), Muzi (South Africa), Taylor Jade (Namibia) and Dee Koala (South Africa).

Each episode will also feature an exclusive interview with each performer that will allow viewers insight into the artistic process of crafting their song, as well as the deeper meanings behind the lyrics.

Remix Studio is set to premiere on Channel O on Friday the 5th June 2020 at 17:00 and repeats on Saturday at 15:00.

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Shane Eagle – Never Grow Up Album Review

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Real Housewives of Johannesburg: Brinnette and Evodia’s Tea Party Bust Up


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