DJ Zinhle & AKA – Are They Really Back Together?

New backstage pictures spark rumours of an AKA and DJ Zinhle romantic reunion



We’ve been part of the DJ Zinhle – AKA – Bonang rollercoaster for so long that in another world, we’d all be invited to the family cookouts.

While we aren’t, damn… is everyone involved!? Snaps of DJ Zinhle sharing a kiss on the lips backstage at his recent AKA On The Orchestra concert got everyone immersed again this past Monday.

… Just us family here! Photo Credit: DJ Zinhle via Twitter

DJ Zinhle popped in to support the rapper for his big moment at Times Square in Menlyn, Pretoria.

Glimpses of an awe inspiring backstage gathering of the AKA’s loved ones – including their daughter Kairo, and AKA’s parents, came along with one picture of the two sharing a kiss that many have seen as going far beyond the  co-parenting call of duty.


Well, are they back together?

Both Zinhle and AKA have remained tight lipped on the subject, even though AKA did alter some of the lyrics on his hit single – Beyonce, during his performance at Times Square.

The Touch My Blood single, which was rumoured to have been dedicated to Bonang, his ex, was remixed with “Thank God me and my baby mama are in a better place.”

The Beyonce single came hot on the heels of his highly publicised split from Bonang, whom he began dating after breaking up with DJ Zinhle over cheating allegations.

The DJ and entrepreneur claimed in a heartfelt blog that AKA and Bonang had been seeing other behind her back, during her pregnancy.

Almost two years after AKA dubbed his former relationship with Bonang “the pinnacle of South African pop culture”, he’s now moved on to other things. The latest photos have fans thinking he’s really moved on, or back with, DJ Zinhle.

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