Real Housewives of Johannesburg: Mercy & Evodia Consider Vaginal Rejuvenation

Mercy chatted to her mother Evodia about vaginal rejuvenation, before gifting her with some bedroom sex toys on the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Johannesburg



We honestly can’t get over the idiosyncrasies on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg.

At episode four, we can now conclude that quite a number of the girls really do live in their own universes, both quite real and imagined. We aren’t just tossing swipes at Christall, whose recent boastful claims that include tales of charting high on the Billboard charts, and being a seasoned lawyer saw her being a target of much interrogation from the shadiest Queens in this circle.

We are also talking about Lendy, whose attention span must be slightly lower than the all-time 8 second global average at this point. The good sis really takes ‘pay them no mind’ to new heights on the show; allowing whoever she has a conversation with tiny bits of her actual time.


Evodia ‘Madam’ Mogase came by her house on last night’s episode of South Africa’s most pampered housewives, and it was hilarious!

Lendy interrupted that conversation within an inch of its life, because she had to squeeze in random dances, bizarre knife references and ‘please pass me that’s’. And when Evodia was eventually able to get in a word, which was a shady invitation to a spa outing as a mission to save the former beauty Queen’s skin texture, Lendy ditched her.

Mercy is another one whose world seems like a lot of fun. The proud health advocate is recovering from her bombed vegan lunch, to which no one came. Besides Christall, who came to snoop around the bedrooms and then blew the whistle to the rest of the girls on how filthy they are, none of the women bothered to make an appearance.

Last night, the redhead decided to give her mom, Evodia, some bedroom toys to spice her sex life because why not? The two had a super liberated chat about vagina rejuvenation too.

Naledi (she’s been so careful to protect her image on this show) came by Christall’s place for some real talk over champagne.

It was meant to have been a heartfelt connection over the explosive Christall vs Evodia fight last week.  Instead, it devolved into yet another tense encounter between the two ladies. “I think you are talking way more than I am”, Christall charged. She felt that Naledi was taking sides for rebuking her bedroom snooping behaviour, and also accused her of coming around with too many mouthfuls to her spacious backyard.

“I’m being bitten by mosquitos out here”, Naledi said in a diary session, and then told Christall she would very much like them to please continue, amid all the interruptions, “for the sake of finishing.” Yikes.

The girls convened again at Lendy’s braai, which she put together ahead of her impending travels to Kenya with her family. She scolded her helper and it was uncomfortable to watch. There was a bit more yelling on the table after that, thanks to another screaming match between Evodia and Christall, who won’t let it go already.

At least Mercy and Christall hugged it out outside, giving us a glimpse of hope that the Kays and Mogales might just one day be able to sit at a table and not totally lose it.

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg airs Fridays at 7PM on 1Magic, DStv channel 103.


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