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Real Housewives of Johannesburg: Evodia and Christall Screaming Match!

Christally Kay and Evodia Mogase had the biggest fight about flies and sneaking around in people’s bedrooms.



Christall must be ruing over her decision to launch herself into people’s bedrooms to check out the scene without their consent. Except, she’s throwing even more swift shade at Evodia!

Tonight on the Real Housewives of Johannesburg, Evodia dragged her to filth for snooping around last week when she had popped in as a guest. Ironically, the confrontational blow out took place at Christall’s place, who couldn’t be bothered one bit by Evodia’s tantrum.

In fact, Christall is the one who initiated the shade fest; She suggested Evodia should come and have a look at her enviable closet because she felt Madame would “benefit greatly from that.” The underhanded swipe comes after Christall rebukes Evodia and her daughter for living in a house with a messy bedroom, whose beds she described as completely devoured by clothing that “touched the ceiling.”

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Not one to take the mudslinging laying low, the feisty Evodia was quick to shoot back and show Christall the clock. Evodia was livid that Christall had the nerve to bring up the shameless bedroom peeping.

In fact, she went as far as claiming that some of her make up is now missing because Christall came around in the fattest of purses, making her the primary suspect concerning the whereabouts of Evodia’s face beat.

Christall, being Christall – the show’s standout villain – didn’t care that much about the social etiquette around not launching oneself into people’s bedrooms when you are a guest at their house.

She summarised the whole situation as an ‘accident’ that happened because Evodia’s house is much smaller than hers. Not done with the shade, she continued to blame the presence of flies at her house to “people who’ve been coming here lately.”

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These two have created the perfect dichotomy of drama for this show. One is a funny, entertaining straight shooter with quotables for days. The other is a shady AF, basically. We are keeping an eye.

Elsewhere, Mercy is still determined to get the girls to understand her vegan lifestyle. No one in this circle of women has displayed any cares about her healthy choices, especially after they came up when she requested a vegan menu at Brinnette’s traditional wedding. Things kind of went down hill from there, which could explain why no one showed up at her vegan lunch last. Except for Christall of course, who came for the bedrooms.

Speaking of Christall… what’s with ol’ girl and all the claims? She was once #55 on Billboard Hot 100? Hottest Pop star on earth? Lawyer too? So many claims, too little evidence, so far.

Were you watching? Comment below about your favoutire moments and honest thoughts on this episode.





Soapies & Telenovelas

The Most Shocking Secrets on ‘Gomora’!

A new video on our YouTube channel is up! Watch, subscribe and share with your day ones!



Imagine if the police were able to successfully drill down to Mam’Sonto and Thathi’s hijacking business. All those bodies that have disappeared under Sonto’s orders, and the fact that she’s responsible for the death of her son in law Mbongeni, would surface!

Even the truth about the death of Mohato, whose corpse she’s hiding in the deep freezer at the tavern office with Thathi, would blow her cover. Killing Mohato is not the only thing Thathi must worry about, however. The paternity of her son Langa carries yet another shocking secret that would wreck a few lives on the show.

This video highlights the most shocking secrets in the telenovela, looks at how they came about, and the amount of havoc they will cause when they come out.

On a side note, we are really working hard to pump up that YouTube channel and start giving you guys awesome video content on the South African TV, Music, and Entertainment industry. Please subscribe, leave a comment, and ask your friends to subscribe. Spread the love!

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Laduma, Shimza & More on ‘The Insider SA”s Pioneers Episode

It’s their bold faith and big moves for us.



This week’s broadcast of The Insider SA will shine the light on South Africa’s most exciting and innovative pioneers. Each pioneering figures distill their journeys while sharing insights on how their passions fueled their success.

Visiting The Graskop Gorge

Situated on Mpumalanga’s scenic Panoramic route, Graskop Gorge is home to an indigenous Afromontane forest, with a pioneering gorge lift to soak it all in. Afterwards, get your kick of adrenaline by doing the Big Swing with a 70 meter freefall!

The Insider SA visits this iconic attraction alongside professional rugby player, Jeandré Rudolph and find out why he names Graskop Gorge, “One of my favourite places in Mpumalanga”.

DJ Shimza Takes On The Global Stage

DJ Shimza has been making waves in the Afrotech scene but, as one of South Africa’s brightest stars, his creative genius extends far beyond his music.

Shimza has dedicated his career to serving his community as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, using his music to unite people for the greater good. Now, DJ Shimza is transporting his sounds of South Africa, rocking stages from Paris to New York and Ibiza. There’s a catch up with the pioneer as he gives us a glimpse into his artistry.

Maxhosa Honours Xhosa Roots Internationally

Meet Laduma Ngxokolo – the visionary behind the famous, South African fashion label, Maxhosa. Laduma is renowned for incorporating his Xhosa culture into his signature knitwear designs, taking his Eastern Cape creativity to international runways.

The show visits the visionary as he opens up on his latest achievements and the inspiration behind the art.

The Beach House Collection: The Pearl of the West Coast’s Extraordinary Accomodation

Denise Cowburn-Levy invites us into her trio of beach houses in Yzerfontein and shares her love of West Coast seafood in her classic clapperboard houses along the picturesque coast. The beach houses are constantly filled with guests and often used for film shoots, yoga retreats, family get-togethers, or as a secret hideaway for locals to escape to the seaside.

Denise shares her story of how The Beach House Collection began 20 years ago and the inspiration that motivated her design.

Simply Bee’s Natural Beeswax Products

Proud beekeepers and creators of Simply Bee, Helena and Pierre van der Westhuizen, explain the backstory of how their family became experts in all things honey. Today, this bustling South African small business specialises in natural beeswax products. Simply Bee’s products are all natural, handmade, free from chemicals, synthetic fragrances and parabens, making it safe and environmentally friendly!

Helena and Pierre’s mission is not only to cultivate awareness of the benefits of using natural beeswax products, but also to aid in bee conservation. At their Simply Bee flagship store, they also have an Observation Centre. There, you can safely watch a full colony of between 60 000 to 80 000 bees work away in their hive.

Capitec & Educate24 Make Online Learning Affordable and Accessible

Leading SA bank, Capitec and Educate24 team up to offer South Africans high-quality online learning at low-cost rates so that you can have the tools for a successful career. Educate24’s greatest priority is education above all. Because of their shared vision to help South Africans live better, Capitec has partnered with Educate24 so that they can reach as many future learners as possible. Through Capitec’s Live Better Benefits, Capitec clients receive a massive 50% saving on over 90 online short courses. All you need is a cellphone and a R20 data bundle.

Catch The Insider SA every Tuesday at 19h30 and the repeat every Saturday at 20h00 on SABC 3.

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Soapies & Telenovelas

Revealed: SA’s Top 5 Baddest Divas on Local Telenovelas

These girls don’t play.



Would it even be a telenovela if it didn’t feature the essential icy Queen of dirty tricks and heartless undertakings? You know, that one character who shakes the most tables and wreaks havoc without trying? It’s the character viewers secretly love to hate.

With a slew of devious divas spread across some of the country’s biggest telenovelas, DStv recently ran a poll to find out which girl from the leading telenovelas is South Africa’s favourite mean spirited leading lady.

Here are South Africa’s top votes for the title of ‘Most Devious’.


Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana, The River

No one gets the best of Lindiwe (Sindi Dlathu) and gets away with it. The enigmatic mining magnate of Khanyisa Diamond Mine buries secrets with the same single-mindedness she uses to bury bodies.

Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana, The River, 2020

Lindiwe has been through hell and back, which is probably why her evil knows no bounds. Her devotion to her husband rivals that of Brooke Logan, even managing to rekindle their romance after he kicks her out of their home. With a track record of lies, manipulation and murder (anyone else fed someone to a lion, lately?), the fact that she tried to kill her biological daughter doesn’t even surprise us.

Catch Lindiwe’s next moves in The River, weekdays on Mzansi Magic 161 at 19h00.


Harriet Khoza, The Queen

A doting wife and shrewd businesswoman, Harriet Khoza (Connie Ferguson) is not about to let her crown slip easily. Having learned to survive and fend for herself from an early age, she can be vicious even while feigning compassion.

With a chest full of secrets, including killing her hubby, her calculated and composed nature ensures her reign will last for a long time to come.

Tune in for all the drama on The Queen, weekdays on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) at 21:00.

IN THIRD: 8.5%

Thati Ndaba, Gomora

Like every other Queen Bee, Thathi Ndaba’s (Katlego Danke) red-bottomed Louboutin’s are soiled in tragedy, corruption and deceit.

Thati Gomora 2020

After ditching her true love for money and the bright lights of Sandton, she’s hit by a series of unfortunate events that see her crashing back to earth – and Alexandra township, her former home.

Watch Thati reclaim her seat in Gomora, weekdays on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) at 19:30.


Bridgette October, Suidooster

Bridgette October (Denise Newman) has her eye on the pulse of everything that happens at her Suidooster Sentrum in Ruiterbosch. This gives her the ideal vantage point to scheme against her neighbours or drive her sister out of town.

While she’s not one to get her hands dirty, her treasure trove of secrets and ingenious plans provides her with the upper hand every time.

Get caught up with the drama on Suidooster, weekdays on kykNET (DStv Channel 144) and kykNET and kykNET&kie (DStv Channel 145) at 18:30.

Nothing will hold her down until she’s back on top, living her socialite dream life. A plotter and planner, she’s cunningly waiting for the right time to exact sweet revenge on those who made her fall from grace.


Mkabayi Zungu, Isibaya

“An eye for an eye” – that’s the life motto of Mkabayi Zungu (Thembi Nyandeni), Isibaya’s tough-talking, AK47-wielding aunty. Although she has no kids of her own, Mkabayi believes in family, tradition and business – and beware anyone that tries to mess with hers.

After being forced into a high-profile public and political involvement with the taxi business, she showed just what she was made of by slinging her gun alongside the men in her community during a street fight.

Don’t miss a moment of Mkabayi’s mayhem in Isibaya (DStv Channel 161) at 20:30, now available on Showmax.

Felicity Price, Legacy

New diva on the block, Felicity Price (Mary-anne Barlow) from M-Net’s new telenovela Legacy, is a rose pruning devil in red-bottomed heels. Felicity is too ambitious for her own good and that ambition has turned into murderous intent.

Having been groomed to take over her father’s company, Felicity is livid when she finds out the position of CEO will be given to her stepmother and does everything – and we mean everything – in her power to claw her way to the top job. Her shocking antics have us literally cringing on our couches.

Don’t miss a moment of Legacy’s engrossing drama on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 19:00, now available on Catch-up and Showmax.

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