FIRST LOOK: AKA’s Pics For ‘Fela In Versace’ Visuals Are Rich AF

AKA on Wednesday thrilled fans with lush previews of his over the top Fela In Music shot



AKA once again broke his portion of the web when on Wednesday he unveiled behind the scenes snaps of his Fela In Versace music shoot.

SUPAMEGA thrilled fans with a crisp first look into the looming and lush visuals for Fela in Versace, the latest single to emerge from his first-day-Gold-selling third and final album, Touch My Blood. There will be no solo studio albums after that, and Touch My Blood has been a solid wrap to that journey.

Photographed by Austen Malema, the pics see AKA clad in a half-unbuttoned R25 000 Cornici Balletto print shirt, making his new blonde box fade pop. He launched the new colour locks last week to much fanfare and furore. The man knows how to capture headlines, we’ll give him that!


Featuring Kiddomant, Fela in Versace is a mid-tempo bop which finds AKA humming soulfully and belting through the synthetic autotune over afrobeat flavoured 808 and clean electric guitar. Unlike most of recent bangers, the single is thin on lyrical and more focused on a smooth vibe.

Effectively, this is the 5th single from Touch My Blood. 




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