Zonke’s L.O.V.E Is Pure Luxurious Bliss – Album Review

Zonke’s supreme talent is undeniable, but her showmanship is just as impressive. The award-winning singer is back with a new album



Zonke Dikana makes a triumphant return to the charts with her brand new album L.O.V.E.

Spanning over one hour of Dikana’s most confident vocals strewn over lush and lavish productions, the album’s sonic delight is a result of several perfect ingredients. Amongst others that stand out most clearly is the sheer elasticity of her voice. Goodness!

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A reflection of her undeniable growth, which has also clearly stretched to include a richer expression of the singer’s talents, Zonke has never showcased her vocal agility like she does here.


But beyond mere technique, it’s the soul between the riffs that thrills. She sings joyously, and there’s a powerful story behind the peace and groove she articulates so gloriously in each single; opening her heart to you.

Further to luxuriating the jazzy instrumentals; giving them a heartbeat, the showmanship in the production sustains the musical arsenal she’s crafted.

Think about it – Zonke has never been mentioned alongside anyone else. She’s managed to do something most artists struggle with – being in the only 0ne on her turf. Perhaps that’s why on her 5th studio album, Dikana’s creative control couldn’t be clearer.

The nine-track project, which sees Kwesta appearing as the only collaboration, also marks Zonke’s return to the spotlight from an emotional retreat in which she “just wanted to go inside myself and perish”.

This sombre time in the singer’s life was triggered by the untimely passing of her two sisters, including SAMA nominated singer Lulu Dikana, who died in 2014 after a short illness. The loss of her parents and sisters plunged the soulful songstress into a state of depression.

But after retreating from the spotlight to deal with the grief privately, Zonke returns with work that finds her ready to embrace the light once more.

L.O.V.E finds Zonke at her best.


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