The Deal With Nomzamo’s ‘Tax Bracket’ Twitter Drama



Nomzamo Mbatha normally keeps things classy on her social media platforms – using them to slay us all with visual material showcasing the most picturesque aspects of her life, her bomb and beautiful self, what she gets up to professionally, as well just inspiring stuff.

But the usually sophisticated actress was not about to take a personal jab go unattended when on Monday, she clapped back at a swipe in the harshest terms.


Mbatha replied to a ‘troll’ who made a shady remark about her repeating a dress she’d worn several years ago, saying:

“This trolling thing should have rules… Know your Tax bracket.” 


The clap back has sparked as much praise as it has backlash, with many criticising the 27-year-old beauty for being a snob.

That whole thing about tax brackets?

The debate amongst users is whether or not the actress took things too far with the ‘tax bracket’ part of her clap back, considering that many of her fans may not be in her tax bracket. Also, does she only vibe with people who belong to a certain tax bracket?

Others maintain that as much as celebrities often ignore abusive taunts online, everyone is human and will snap when attacked.

What’s your take? Let us know in the comments section!

Photo Credit: Instagram/NomzamoM

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