10 Things Everyone Is Dying To See On Bonang Matheba’s Upcoming Book

Bonang Matheba has revealed that she’s currently penning a book about her experiences in SA showbiz. The book is set for release sometime in 2017. Take a look at these 10 Things we all want to read in it!



She’s had one of the most untouchable careers in South Africa’s flourishing showbiz industry.

And now that Bonang Matheba has revealed she is penning a book to discuss the ins and outs of the entertainment industry in which she has been so triumphant, fans and peers are curious what the 28 year old media darling will reveal.

Must Be That African Butter! Will Bonang share her beauty secrets in the book?

The Queen B is as famous as she is private. Mysterious, even.

“They have to talk about you”, she jotted on her now famous pinned tweet. “Because when they talk about themselves, nobody listens.” Ouch!

That is the furthest she has gone in retaliating to all the comments some of her peers have made about her. Now that there’s a book coming, it’s time to get to know the real Bonang.

1o Things we are most curious about:


Bonang Matheba’s ascension to the top of Africa’s entertainment business has not been due to luck. The 29 year old perfectionist is a self confessed workaholic who gives the many projects she juggles 100 %, at all times. But how did she cultivate the work ethic? What motivates her to keep pushing on the days when she would rather not leave the bed and how does she keep refining what she does? We all stand to benefit from valuable take on this.


The media personality is also famous for her impeccable style! Not only has she topped numerous best dressed lists, on many which she still seems fairly unrivalled, but she’s created these stable relationships with fashion designers and labels that complement her solid brand. Recently, she was announced as the main host for the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards just days before the main event. Even with these time constraints, the stylish Matheba slayed effortlessly. Can she please delve more into her style secrets? Thank you.


Being the perfectionist that she is, Bonang Matheba’s make up and hair are always on point.  How does she pick these make up artists and hairstylists? How does she know so well what works for her skin, her face, brows, lips, nails and hair?

So much to choose from!


At the end of every year, she teases some of her plans for the next year. While we all do that, most of our plans don’t really go along the lines of ‘conquering Africa’, and then actually doing it. But what is her ultimate goal over the next decade?


She’s kept quiet on her much talked about A – list romances in the past. This would be an apt opportunity to read all about those kinds of things that aren’t any of our business. That would kind of make her your friend- in – your – head

Bonang and AKA is the most talked about celebrity pairing in South Africa


She’s been specific about her intentions for writing this book. That she wants to inspire and empower other by sharing what she’s learned in the business. It’s unlikely that she will be wasting too much time dwelling on much publicised beefs with the likes of Pearl Thusi in this book. That said, her side of the story would be refreshing – especially because she hardly comments on such things.


Bonang and Somizi were once inseparable BFFs. They posted some of the most fun snaps on social media, travelled together and attended big functions and as A-List tag team. No one is sure what happened next, however. Except that they unfollowed each other and the supply of the friendship photos dried up. We’ve heard a couple of things from Somizi, who discussed the fall out on his reality show on Mzansi Magic. Bonang’s side in this book would do the trick for many fans.

BFFs no more. Bonang’s fall out with Somizi remains a big mystery for the masses.


Gosh! How does she do it all? In a day, she hosts a live radio show on Metro FM in Johannesburg, shoots the television Afternoon Express in Cape Town, and then shoots Top Billing in the same week. Can you imagine all the flying? Some of us would call it a day just with the headache from the flying. Not Bonang, who juggles all of those things with presenting the biggest gigs on E-Entertainment, BET and MTV whenever the cheque suffices.


But since she is so well put together, one can’t help but wonder what has been some of her not so refined private moments! That would make for a fun read.


And of course, her expertise on all things entertainment industry in South Africa. She’s maintained impressive longevity, consistency and finesse over the years. Between her days on SABC 1’s LIVE and now being a higher echelon kind of chick, there’s so much that we can learn. We can also learn from how she auditioned over 5 times to get her job on Metro FM.

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