AKA Covers GQ Magazine

AKA is serving next level dapper on the latest cover of GQ Magazine and to punt, he’s been posting snaps of fans who’ve already bought themselves a copy



He is one of the country’s most talked about rappers, but according to GQ Magazine, also one of the best dressed. “AKA is as daper as they come”, they jot on their latest issue. “He knows a good thread when he sees one and isn’t afraid to express an opinion on fashion – and on pretty much anything else – to his 1.2m followers.”

And years after the publication recognised him as South Africa’s Best Dressed Male Celebrity, AKA is back romping with the local edition of the global men’s fashion magazine

The rapper appears to have moved on swiftly from all that drama with physical altercations involving concert organisers and his road manager being slapped by Black Coffee onstage this past weekend. Now that the dust has settled, he has turned his attention to promoting the GQ cover.

While at it, he’s been more than kind enough to showcase some of his fans who have gotten their hands on the issue already.

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/Akaworldwide

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