Nje! How DJ Zinhle Became A Symbol Of Strength

Triumphant! DJ Zinhle’s display of firm character in her heartache has earned her new respects



The old adage ‘It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you deal with it’ has taken a whole new meaning. It appears DJ Zinhle‘s well publicised break up from AKA has added one more trait her fans admire about the DJ and businesswoman – strength.

And she’s having fun with it!

DJ Zinhle, who recently reached 1 million followers on Twitter, is now fully aware that memes have been doing the rounds alluding to her strength. How come? The masses witnessed her resilience when allegations that her then boyfriend AKA cheated on her with media darling Bonang Matheba, while she was preggers, smashed the grapevine.

But while she’s the one who bared all the dirt about the affair, she has since decided to plead the fifth about all things concerning the whole thing. She also asserted that her decision to tell all was grounded in her interest to empower other women in similar situations.

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Now, you damn well know most of us would have lost it in that situation, not Zinhle! The mother of one displayed courage of a rare distinction throughout her suffering, often dishing motivational quotes about not keeping grudges, being strong in times of hardships and other things of that nature.

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Now she is walking away a victor for taking the high road all those months ago.

Zinhle has been focusing on motherhood, her businesses, music and her blog. It looks like these have given her ample time to pay dust to all that anything to do with the scandal.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram.com/DjZinhle

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