Nasty C Interview – Chats To Us About Breakthrough, Album & Beefs

We chopped it up with hip hop sensation Nasty C about his music and the many rumours doing the rounds. Cava!



Award-winning rapper Nasty C turned the tables upside down on the South African hip hop industry with only one single on his breakthrough year in 2015. Since then, every single his featured on has given music lovers eargasms for days on end. Real name David Junior Ngcobo was tapped for yet another smash hit featuring Stilo Magolide titled Day Off that dropped last week Friday.

Nasty C has vowed to elevate his game still, despite walking away with the best newcomer award at the South African Hip Hop Awards held in December last year. We had a chat with Nasty C regarding the many rumours swirling around him, with alleged beefs and all. Cava!

QuenchSA: A lot was made of your Juice Back Remix, pitting it against Emtee’s Roll Up Remix. Do you see Emtee as one of the main rivals with regards to young emcees in the hip hop industry?

Nasty C: No, I don’t see Emtee as a rival. Myself and Emtee will always be cool to work.

QuenchSA: When did you realize that the music bug bit you?

Nasty C: I’ve been writing rhymes from 8 years old and I did my first recording at 9.

QuenchSA: You have garnered a lot of support from industry heavyweights whilst being an independent artist. Do you still intend on joining a record label?

Nasty C: No, I intend to stay an independent artist.

QuenchSA: Are you going to release your album this year?

Nasty C: I am currently working on it. It should be ready mid year.

QuenchSA: Juice Back was a smash hit and so have the tracks you’ve been featured on. Does it put pressure on you to replicate the success of your single with follow up singles and the album?

Nasty C: Not really, I make music and have been for a very long time. So far I’ve been blessed with the amount of artist that have asked to work.

QuenchSA: With the award season approaching, do you feel you’ve done enough to deserve the awards more than anyone else?

Nasty C: I’ll feel I’ve have done enough once my album is in stores. A lot of people forget I only have one single out.

QuenchSA: Burning question, do you have bad blood with AKA?

Nasty C: No, not at all. I’ve always been a fan of his work and would love to work with him.

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QuenchSA: With beef in the hip hop industry being so lucrative, isn’t it best to ride the way of alleged and real beef?

Nasty C: Personally I don’t see the point and prefer to stay away from negativity.

QuenchSA: Is the South African hip hop industry divided into two factions?

Nasty C: No, there are many different artist and camps making music successfully in South Africa.

QuenchSA: What would you ascribe Durban’s hip hop growth and prominence?

Nasty C: For me its just that the industry is in the right space for talented artist to showcase their abilities.

QuenchSA: Who do you still hope to collaborate with?

Nasty C: I’ve already done a lot of features with South African artists so I guess id have to say Drake.

QuenchSA: What does 2016 hold for Nasty C?

Nasty C: 2016 you gonna see a lot of features and my debut album. And my goal is to always surprise you

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