‘Im Not Going To Rush Into Anything’ – Mmatema Sheds Light On Next Step

23 year old, Mmatema Moremi could only settle for second place in the race to be crowned Season 11’s South African Idol. We spoke to her regarding her direction after the show.



Songstress Mmatema Moremi lost out to Karabo Mogane for the title of Season 11’s South African Idol. Despite the unfortunate result, Mmatema is upbeat about her prospects in the music industry and beyond that. Speaking to QuenchSA.com in a no holds bars exclusive interview, the 23 year old revealed that she has been cautioned not to rush into any record deal. With many record labels au fait with her vocal prowess having seen her set the stage ablaze for months on end, she’ll have  a buffet of reputable labels to choose from.


QuenchSA: We witnessed your growth as you progressed from one stage to another in the competition? Has it all sunk in yet how far you came to winning?

Mmatema: I don’t think you can ever get used to this idea because it’s all so overwhelming and it’s exciting at the same time.
QuenchSA: Dj Cleo had expressed his willingness to sign you to his label. Is that an avenue you will explore?

Mmatema: I would definitely love to work with him, but at the same time you have to look at other terms as to what he is offering and stuff of that nature because what he told me was that I should not rush into anything yet so I’m going to take his advice and not rush into anything.

QuenchSA: Your single debuted at number 3 on iTunes Charts. Does the success of your first single mean this is the genre you are going to venture into?

Mmatema: I wont lie, I love my first single. It’s one of those genres I never thought I’d ever be able to sing, I actually surprised myself so yes I would definitely venture into that genre. At the same time I want to show people my versatility and cater for all audiences. So you will also see me singing gospel music again.
QuenchSA: What is the highlight of your South African Idols journey?

Mmatema: (All) the performances that I had because you get to perform with the best band, the best crew members, backing vocals…and we got to fly to all the way to Cape Town and Durban for the publicity tour when I was with Karabo. Going to London was also was such a highlight I wont forget. And also getting to see all the fans, it was so heartwarming.

QuenchSA: Do you harbour ambitions of being more than a singer?

Mmatema: Oh yes! I would love to venture into presenting and acting. Thing is I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer and see myself on television. So a lot of things that are happening on TV music and performing.

QuenchSA: What can we expect from you going forward?

Mmatema: I’m looking forward to doing a couple of gigs, I’m still going to announce where I’m going to be in the next few weeks, we are definitely going to record an album pretty soon. That’s under the shelves so road shows and events that are going to be happening in the month of December so people should be on the lookout for that.

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