10 Times Maps Owned That Nerd Look You Couldn’t Get Right

Maps Maponyane will be taking on the threads with his clothing line set for the shelves this summer. Let’s stalk and stay woke to the moments he earned fashion respect



Maps Maponyane will not be too impressed when he finds we have called him a nerd because it’s not 2010 anymore, being a nerd has once again lost its sex appeal. But we are sure everyone will stand with us on that one. The media personality turned actor turned designer has given his classy look the nerdy edge we never would have thunk it possibly needed.

It did. It works. And, his taste in impeccable form fitting suits and effortless casual street style have earned him the interests of a certain online fashion retail website, with whom he is now partnering for a clothing line due for the shelves sometime in the coming summer.

Although we are psyched for him and do hope we get the opportunity to finally stalk his normally striking wardrobe, well sort of, we happen to be amongst those who never slept on his great fashion sense.

You know you are distinguished gentleman when you plan tennis. In a suit.

Let’s take a look at 10 times that the Tell Me Sweet Something star proved he owns the nerd look without any rivals to give the run for his threads.

Admittedly, there were times when we could have sworn Maps was low key auditioning for Top Billing. There was a time when word was doing the rounds that he actually was already in talks to take on the premium lifestyle show’s presenting duties soon after Tell Me Sweet Something hit the theatres.

Lord behold, look at how he pulls off the debonair look…

But it’s not just all blazers, otherwise people might start thinking you are one dimensional. Besides, you don’t want certain sporty brands to think they can’t have you be their brand ambassador. Not if you are Maps and make lots of money via modelling.

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