All The Right Moves: Terry Pheto’s Wins Knock Out 2015!

Terry Pheto paced the better part of 2015 roaring ahead her peers and racing past challenges she faces as a black woman to cultivate her own route to a greater ‘beyond’, and we have been here for all of it!



Terry Pheto paced the better part of 2015 roaring ahead her peers and racing past challenges she faces as a black woman to cultivate her own route to a greater ‘beyond’, and we have been here for all of it! The enterprising Rockville actress, who proved beyond reasonable doubt that her end game runs deeper than meets the eye, amassed unprecedented and iconic wins that inspire the inner beast in us to be awakened. What a year!


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This local film was a great pleasure to discover, review, watch, re-watch and recommend! Although a great story and a solid production will always trump other reasons for watching a movie – like the ‘local is lekker’ misfortune, we loved the movie for reasons more than just those. Ayanda was also crated with important themes for contemporary South Africa and many of our notions of gender roles and the limit within which we place the strength of women and what they can do. Ayanda, like Pheto herself, is a girl on the move. And perhaps, that is one clue that the flick was co-produced by Terry via her very own thriving production company – Leading Lady Productions.


Ayanda has to step into a man previously thought to be exclusively appropriate for me, and save her father’s business. Read our full review of the movie HERE


Next up, Ayanda was picked up by US film distributor Ava DuVernay. DuVernay is an acclaimed American director, screenwriter, film marketer and distributor. Most recently noted for her outstanding work as the writer and director for the movie Selma (2014), the award winning biopic chronicling the live of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, DuVernay became the very first African American director to have a film nominated for the Academy in Best Picture.

And perhaps this very intuition for excelling is what made her believe Ayanda needed to be seen in the States. Gleeful and proud to share these news, Pheto spoke about how the milestone came about. “Ava DuVernay has long been a promoter and distributor of black independent films”, she shared.  “DuVernay herself recognises this and is proving to be a force to help bring about needed change. She is not only a savvy film marketer and acclaimed director, but also a black woman entrepreneur who is deeply committed to increasing the representation of black people on the big screen.”

But of course Terry is no stranger to the US. Tsotsi, the first movie she starred in, became the first South African movie to win an Oscar.


And yet again in line with her many returns there, the diligent beauty was confirmed as having a role in an upcoming US film called ‘A United Kingdom’, where she will star alongside  Golden Globe nominated David Oyelowo



Set in Botswana, the movie is based on the true story of Botswana’s first president, Seretse Khama (Oyelowo), who fell in love with a London office worker, Ruth Williams (Pike), who became the First Lady of Botswana.

Other prominent international roles Terry has had include starring on Tsotsi, The Bold And The Beautiful, Mandela – The Long Walk To Freedom.



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