Kiernan Keeps His Composure & Drops Visuals On Trace

AKA dropped the visuals to his diss track ‘Composure’ yesterday on TRACE and on his YouTube channel. Check it out



Doro Mega dropped the video to his track Composure on his YouTube channel and music channel TRACE to mixed reviews from fans. The Composure diss track was released  a month ago, detailing the status of the relationships with a  host of South African hip hop artists. Full article HERE.

At the core of the outcry from his fans, the video could’ve been more graphical in relation to the subject matter of his lyrics. Not taking anything away from the quality of the production of the music video, it just fell short of the hype created by the track when it initially dropped. Instead, Kiernan chose to recite the lyrics to the song in front of a white studio backdrop and flickering lights.

Watch the video and you be the judge.

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