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US DJ Super Nova Eyes Local Decks & Talks South African Hip Hop

Soon after landing, US Hip Hop DJ Super Nova took a moment to chat to about what fans can expect from his shows in the country, his thoughts on SA Hip Hop and more.



Internationally renowned Hip Hop Dj  Super Nova will be taking to the decks at events across South Africa through out October. The New York native took a moment to talk to about his relationship with Mzansi, what he is bringing with on this tour and his plans for new music.

Dj Super Nova interview

QuenchSA: Welcome back to South Africa! What keeps bringing you back to here?

Super Nova: (Laughs) The first time I came here was in July of 2011, I went to Grahamstown. During that time, I kind of found my way into a club and deejayed with The Naked DJ and Lulo Cafè. I kept in contact with the Naked DJ and he allowed me to be part of the Audiogasm show (on Metro FM), which had me providing mixes bi-monthly and then bi-weekly. So I was slowly building a fan base. I wanted to come here to see what the scene was like. That happened last year February and I stayed for 10 days.

DJ Super Nova Interview

Dj Super Nova’s hook up with Lulo Cafe and the Naked DJ cemented his South African appeal

It’s always good to go somewhere new with a new culture and get some new experience. From that very first trip I was very motivated to become a better Dj. The purpose of these trips is to put the face to the sound. A lot of people know who I am, but they don’t know what I look like and my personality. Also, I really fell in love with the culture and the music here. The Hip Hop scene here seems to continue to grow. I came here last year…Cassper went platinum, AKA did shows overseas and there’s a lot new artists coming up now. It’s like a breath of fresh air for me because in the US, there are many scenes that can be quite repetitive.

Dj Super Nova Interview

The New York native juggles, but his heart is on the decks

QuenchSA: Being on Metro FM, amongst other things, has introduced you to audiences in South Africa. How does if feel like being celebrated in another country? 

Super Nova: It feels great. At the end of the day, I believe that music is the biggest language in the world. If I can find ways to be creative and priovide sounds that are different from the DJs here…people will understand that and people care that, ‘Wow this guy from the States really understands and plays our music, but also mixes in the international Hip Hop that they know as well!’

QuenchSA: You’ve seen the best of New York and South Africa, in terms of the Hip Hop scene. What are the differences? 

I was born in the Bronx. I grew up there until I was 18 and then went to college. New York is a very fast paced city, it’s the fastest city in the world. There’s always this hustle mentality, having to do things quick. I think here, it’s all about the vibe. The music here is feel good music. It’s all about – ‘how do we celebrate and enjoy life?’, whereas the music in New York is all about, ‘How do we make more money?’…

Dj Super Nova Interview

Dj Super Nova is no stranger to the South African Hip Hop scene

QuenchSA: Still on your upbringing, tell us about that moment when it clicked on you that music is what you want to do?

Super Nova: The love for deejaying started when I was in college. I honestly just picked it up as a hobby and slowly but surely I ended doing bigger gigs, throwing my own concerts at the university. There just came a point where I thought ‘Hey, I can really make a career out of this’.

QuenchSA: And if you were not a DJ, what else would you have been?

Super Nova: A computer engineer, that’s what I was in school for.

QuenchSA: You’ve toured other countries as well, and you’ve said you love how music bridges cultures. Is that why you travel a lot?

Super Nova: Yes, I think there more you travel, the more you learn. And it will make me a better Dj at the end of the day. If I did a gig where the majority of the people were South African, then I would know how to take care of them in a party because I have been here a few times. Or, being from the Bronx in New York you listen to Latin, Hip Hop, Raggae, Dancehall etc…so if I’m in an event that has  people from Jamaica, Trinidad or Tobago then I will know how to please that crowd. There shouldn’t be that limit to what you learn. I can play EDM, I can play Top 40 but I can also play Hip Hop and real urban Hip Hop from different parts of the world because of the travelling.

Dj Super Nova interview

QuenchSA: Which South African rapper(s) are you enjoying the most at the moment?

I enjoy a lot of rappers at the moment. I think there’s a lot more versitality in here. The funny thing is that the first rapper I met was Cassper last year and this was when he had Gusheshe and Doc Shebeleza out. And the next day after the show that we did together, we spent the whole day together so we got to learn each other’s stories. I think Kwesta is an amazing artist, he is a great lyricist. On top of that, he has this supreme confidence that you can hear when he raps. There’s a bunch of people…I think K.O, the whole Cashtime Family is cool…

Dj Super Nova Interview

QuenchSA: What can be expected from the tour?

In terms of me deejaying at the events, people can expect a lot of high energy. I like interacting with the people. So I’m gonna say one of the lines and want the audience to finish the other line. New York is about high energy, so that’s what I like to bring to my fans. In terms of music, I’m working on releasing my own songs. Not me as an artist, but almost like how how Dj Khaled composes music… I want to use US and South African artists. This is the big picture…a lot of Africans come to the States and they can’t connect with the African Americans because of what the media portrays. And a lot of African Americans don’t even consider coming to Africa at all, because they don’t know any better. They think people still live in huts and things like that.

QuenchSA: What’s the one thing people won’t find about you on Google?

Super Nova: Erm…I’m from the Dominican Republic. People might not know that, they might think I’m black American.

Celeb News

Inside Candice Pillay’s Hard Knock Journey. “I Was Loosing Faith”

Candice Pillay is the latest South African export to hit it big in the United States. The singer and songwriter, who has penned tracks for Christina Aguilera, Rihanna and Britney Spears, has had to defiant in pursuing her dream of global stardom



It looks like the global demand for South African creatives is on the rise lately! We recently took a look at locals who are clocking unprecedented international success in this list of Local Stars With Global PayCheques, and at the time we were sleeping on South Africa’s very own Candice Pillay. The Mzansi born and bred singer, songwriter recently landed her sultry vocals on Dr Dre’s track Medicine Man, also featuring Eminem. The song appears on Compton, Dre’s first LP in 16 years.

Candice Pillay Dr Dre“Just when I was loosing my faith in the music industry. At a time where I was starting to doubt that there were any key players in the game who even still cared about “the music”and not all the irrelevant things attached to the art. It took meeting this individual to change my entire outlook and perspective on so many levels”, she jotted on her Instagram account about the massive feat, then added “Dre, I am overwhelmed and honored to have had the opportunity to work with you on this masterpiece. Your energy and sprit, the love and respect you have for the music and every aspect of it, is so refreshing and inspiring. I’ve learnt so much that I will carry in my life and career ahead.”

Candice Pillay and Dr Dre

Although this marked the first time Pillay came to be acknowledged by many South Africans, make no mistake. She has been around, doing some pretty big things in the music industry across the oceans. The 34 year old Pietermaritzburg born beauty wrote 7 songs on Christina Aguilera’s latest album, Lotus! And not only that, she has penned songs for other major superstars like Rihanna and Britney Spears, amongst others.

Candice Pillay Christina Aguilera

As would her heartfelt note to Dre would suggest, her journey to mainstream success has been tumultuous. But those hurdles were not blocks to stop Pillay from relentlessly seeking her destiny, a journey which began when she formed her very own band at the tender age of 13, some five years before she hopped onto an airplane and flew to the United States to pursue superstardom.

Candice Pillay The High

There, she did everything from being a nanny to being a saleswoman to make ends meet while she kept her eyes on the big ball. As one can imagine, that was no walk in a park. “It’s really difficult to come here from South Africa,” shares Pillay on her official website. “I was going to get here by any means possible and stay by any means necessary.

In  2014, Candice released her very first album The Mood Kill and followed it with the release of her EP The High. On the latter, the star has been praised for creatively fusing R&B, electronica and alternative pop.

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Celeb News

SA, How Well Do You Know WizKid? Take A Look At These!

Wizkid will be looking to take his flourishing popularity to the next level when he takes to the stage alongst fellow African heavyweights at the first annual SMA Concert. Catch yourself up to speed with the rapper, PLUS details about the concert inside



We reported earlier in the winter that leading Nigerian rapper Wizkid is currently working on a collaboration with our very own House music Princess Bucie. And now the 25 year old aims to seal his flourishing popularity in South Africa when he takes to stage at the Nasrec Expo Centre on the 24th of October.

SMA Concert 2015 South Africa

There, he joins a a list of top west African artists who are heading to South Africa as part of their SMA Tour 2015 for African unity. It may have taken quite a delay, but the Nigerian rapper is finally securing quite  warm spot in South Africa with hits like Ojuelegba being on heavy rotation on the airwaves and in the clubs. But who is he? Look at these 5 facts about

Wizkid South Africa 2015

Wizkid, real name Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, may have achieved some massive commercial success globally, but he is actually quite youngin. Wizkid was born on the 16th of July in 1990. Looks like his birthday has passed you.

Wizkid south africa 2015

He rose to fame in 2010 when he premiered the song Holla at Your Boy, taken from his first studio album, Superstar. Evidently no material for being a one hit wonder, the 25 year old followed that success with more noted hits that like Tease Me/Bad Guys, Don’t Dull, Gidi Girl, Love My Baby, and Pakurumo, amongst others.


In 2014, Forbes ranked him at #5 on their list of the richest artists in Africa.


During the very same year, he became the very first Nigerian media personality to ever reach 1 million followers on Twitter.

Wizkid south africa 2015

But way before that, the On Top Of The Matter hitmaker was already doing it big globally. He signed an endorsement deal with PEPSI in 2012, for which he was paid no less than a staggering $350 000.

The first annual SMA Concert takes place at the heart of South Africa in honour of Nigeria’s Independence Day happening in October. Although quite the turn up, the concert aims to drive home the message of unity amongst African nations. As such, the show will be headlined by some 20 of the biggest artists in the content right now.


Burna Boy is amongst those billed to perform on the night

Featuring African hiphop giants Wiz Kid, AKA, Davido and KO, award winning artists Flavour and Bucie, Uhuru, Yemi Alade, new school sensations Burna Boy, Durban Nyts, Emmy G, Runtown, producer extraordinaire Anatii, & the world renowned Soweto Gospel Choir. The super talented Mozambiquean powerhouse Dama Do Bling also joins the line-up, as well as the R&B Crooner Darey.

For local names, expect T’Bo Touch to be holding it down as the host of the event alongside Nigeria radio presenter Olisa Odibua. Official DJ’s for the concert include Spinall & Metro FM’s own DJ Jawz.

‘The South Africa Meets Africa Concert is all about UNITY and what better way to unite its people’s than through music. Diversity will be the constant of the day promising to reinforce that music truly brings everyone together’ says VAS Company CEO Chidi Okeke. With the collective acts we will be bringing together for this one of a kind inaugural showcase, we hope to gather the masses and the replicate this to take to all corners of the continent.

Amongst other things, we can expect messages denouncing the outbreak of the xenophobic attacks that hit South Africa earlier this year, in which foreign nationals were targets of assaults and looting.

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Dare To Be Thrilled: Everest Movie Peaks Everyones Interest

The movie Everest takes one on a roller coaster ride of vomit-iducing vantage points of the highest mountain in the world. The film is based on true story and comes out in South African cinemas on September 18th.



Possibly the most dangerous escapade on planet, the mounting of Everest takes one on a thrilling journey of self discovery and personal satisfaction – upon safe return that is. The movie is based on a true story, the 1996 May 10-11 Mount Everest disaster whereby eight climbers were caught in a vicious blizzard.

Before the actual mount to the zenith of the beast that is Everest we are reminded of how humans are not built to survive in the harsh conditions experienced on the mountain. Worst yet, the statistic of 1 in 4 people that climb the mountain don’t make it back should, by any logic, discourage anyone from even thinking about it.

Everest 2015 Movie

This sentiment is well documented in the movie where in one scene a discussion around the table interrogates why each person is taking this journey. Ultimately, the attempt to reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain offers one unimaginable sense of fulfilment, the conquering of the tallest peak surely leaves one with lifelong bragging rights. No?

Everest movie

The film was shot on location in Nepal on the foothills of Everest, the Italian Alps and at Cinecittà Studios in Rome and Pinewood Studios in the U.K. The movie succeeds in its visuals, which amicably capture the beauty and scale of Everest and its surroundings without fail. The epic adventure stars Jason Clarke, Josh Brolin, John Hawkes and Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie comes out in South African cinemas this Friday, September 18.

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