Short Cuts! These Fierce Celebs Rock Natural Hairstyles

Here’s the long and short of it, many local celebrities are taking it back to basics with short hair and natural hairstyles, and look fierce while at it!



Ntsiki Mazwai may have protested quite militantly against the wearing of weaves by black women in South Africa as a ‘disease’, but really that debate is better left for other days and spaces. Here, we take a look at local celebrities who have ditched their weaves, perms and wigs for the good ol’ natural hairstyle. And boy do they look hot while at it!

But just before that, why not consider taking a wig/weave off once in a while? Not because people are writing essays about the controversy behind it, but because natural hairstyles have significant health benefits, as well.

Although wigs and weaves can be of some benefit as protective styles, natural shorter hairstyles allow you to keep tabs on the health of your hair, allow you to play around with more styling options, are easier to moisture and far cheaper to maintain. But also, dare we say, it’s your hair and some would bet everyone looks better with their natural hair. Don’t us ask who they are.

Pearl Modiadie


Nomuzi Mabena

Nandi Mngoma

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