Kenny ‘Sushi King’ Kunene Flaunts Brand New Bae

He famously claimed that he has dated enough celebs to pack an entire Quantam. Now though, Kenny Kunene is love-stoned with new beau.



The time for each and everyone of us to come to terms with the fact that Kenny “Sushi King” Kunene has more game than any one of us has come. Just months after letting it be known that he boasts enough relationships with well known female celebs to fill a Quantam earlier this year, the controversial businessman has struck gold with love, yet again.

This time though, it’s the real thing.

According to the Daily Sun, the 44 year old baller has been getting cosy with a 21 year old girl named Whitney. Sources quoted in the article claim that he is smitten with the student, which is quite a refreshing detour from his routine booty calls.

Not one to keep things under wraps, the sushi royal is already flaunting his new love on social media, what with changing his Instagram profile picture to a picture showcasing their blooming young romance.

We are actually quite psyched, and without judgements.

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