7 Take Outs From Dineo’s Diary: The Secret Behind The Show’s Success

The ‘real’ in reality shows is a bone of much contention, but Dineo’s Diary continues to break new grounds of authenticity, drama and really opening up. Here’s 7 reasons her reality shows has worked.



South African reality shows are notorious for simply getting it very wrong – and you know this. But Dineo Ranaka’s Dineo’s Diary has maintained a captivating momentum that has propelled the show to 4 seasons, and counting. Why do we keep tuning in and how does she keep the standard? We did a full audit into the success behind Dineo’s Diary and here’s the full report on why it is by far the best reality show Mzansi has.

Well, it’s Quite REAL

We will not go as far as saying Dineo’s Diary is the realest of the reality shows in this part of the world, but it’s damn tempting! From the word go, the show let it’s hair down right down to the dandruff. You watch the show at times and think, you know this stuff goes down in black households hey.

Besides, the ‘real’ in reality shows is a bone of much contention, so it’s refreshing to watch one where you aren’t constantly thinking, ‘Please. So scripted!’.

Dineo’s Open Book Policy

Dineo Ranaka has completely opened the door into her life and really lets the camera capture some of the most personal, intimate and sometimes ugly moments of her life. In between the seasons, we’ve seen her spiritual journey, in fighting within the family and feuds with her friends, glass throwing, break ups and everything in between.

More recently though, Ranaka invited us inside a session with a traditional healers during which details on her personal life and family history were lain bare for all. While other local reality shows tread carefully to portray the cast’s lives in ways that do not dwell on the gritting aspects of their lives, Dineo has allowed us to see it all.

She Calls A Spade A Spade

One of the reasons we love not only the show but Dineo herself, is that the element of authenticity threads all the scenes. And let’s be honest, there are times where you think ‘girl, you wanna take it down a notch right now’. But whether you are siding with her or not, you are getting it as it is straight from her mouth.

Perfect Balance of Fierceness & Vulnerable

Dineo has said herself that she is quite aggressive at times. And yes we know about the screams, thrown bottles, botched lunches and all, but we also see her breaking down, exhausted, worrying about her kids, her success, her adequacy, her family. Therein lies the ‘human’ element.


Yup, she brings it!

Going All The Way

Again, how many scenes have you been stunned when watching the show and thinking, did you really just add this scene stealing your mom’s bed?


Young black ambitious people totally relate to this show and all the dramas. We do.

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