Out with Aunt Noeleen & Nonhle and in with new blood Boity and minnie

The comes a times when experience works against you. Noeleen severed ties with 3 Talk only for the show to introduce younger presenters. Boity also got the nod after the 33 year Nonhle Thema old was considered too mature. Here’s more.



TV removes the old, ushers in the new. Gogos everywhere should be on the lookout.

The infectious Minnie Dlamini (24) is the new face of 3 Talk. Congratulations are in order.

She replaces Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu (47) who flagshipped the show for 12 years. Taking into account the age difference, it seems that the show seeks a much younger audience. The show also roped in the talents of Twitter personality Khaya Dlanga.


Boity Thulo (24) recently landed the role of presenter for Club 808. The how airs on ETV and she will be filling in the shoes of controversy queen Nonhle Thema.

Thema (33) went on Twitter to make the declaration, with her version of events slightly different from other sources.

The tweets explain that she’s too grown for the new direction the show is taking.

In an alleged version, she got the boot for her ignorant comment about Batswana women.

She characterised Batswana women as “skinny, ugly and infected with Aids”. Real mature (sic).

We wish the Gogos much success in their next endeavours. We hope its not presenting on television though.

Television is a young persons game. Plus… once bitten, twice…

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