Mzansi Celebrity Nudes For A Cause: The Marie Claire Naked Issue 2015 is Out

35 Top Mzansi celebs have gone nude for a good cause in this year’s Marie Claire Naked Issue. Perv not, this is for a serious cause we should all watch out for. Read more



‘Blow The Whistle’ is this year’s theme for Marie Claire Magazine‘s Naked Issue. With 35 local public personalities allowing themselves to be photographed naked, the magazine and those who are involved hope to use their naked- and by extension vulnerable and exposed bodies- to expose them as sites of much struggle. Violence against women and children in South Africa continues to be perversive and mute.

The likes of Pearl Thusi and This year the theme is Blow The Whistle. Named after an NGO of the same name, this tagline calls out all those who endure severe sexual, physical and emotional abuse behind closed doors to come forward and break the silence.

As much as checking these stars out won’t exactly hurt, it’s important not to forget what is at stake here.

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