SONA 2015: Looking Out



SONA 2015 – the state of the nation dress to impress address

Today represents two opportunities for Members of Parliament. While the State of The Nation ideally is a chance for MPs to level their dissatisfaction at the current presiding president, it also offers a chance for those who have blundered in a fashion sense in the past to set things right.

Members get the rare opportunity to have the spotlight shine upon them, somewhat not for their incapacity to provide sufficient service delivery.

MPs will descend to the Mother City to walk the red carpet as the president either addresses the nation…or brings back the money.

We also wait to see if there is any weight to the threat the members of the Economic Freedom Fighters levelled to don their birthday suits to the event.

I dare say that would be one fashion statement never to be forgotten.

We look at past failures that didn’t fail to make an impression.

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