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Obsessive Selfie Takers Show Psychopathic Traits, Is That You?

Well Kim K has a bestselling book full of her selfies, called, well, Selfie. But we aren’t Kim. And research has found that unless you are her, heavy selfie taking in dudes could reflect serious psychopathy. Read



By Zanele Makhubo


The phenomenon of selfie-taking or the science of narcissism? Well, it depends on which side of the lens you find yourself. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of taking selfies, the past two years of your life may have been spent under oblivion. This photographic trend which became popularised in 2013 is exactly just that, taking a ‘pic’ of oneself.


For selfie artist (this is an art), being in possession of a smartphone and having on hand the sideways smile are the basic necessities of taking a respectable selfie. The standards of taking what is deemed as the perfect selfie however, have been raised. Literally raised -beyond arms length- to be specific. And alas, for all you techno and selfie enthusiasts, behold, the “selfie-stick”.

Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, the not so hands free device allows the selfie-taker to position the phone at a distance not usually within reach. Before we became accustomed to taking pictures of ourselves, asking a friend or stranger to be responsible for capturing our photographic moments was the norm.

Although using monopods to handle cameras isn’t a new idea, the average selfie-taker isn’t an established cameraman and since smartphones aren’t yet smart enough to decide the angle at which the pose is snapped, this piece of technology is arguably revolutionary. It it is of no wonder then, that the stick is in itself becoming a phenomenon.

According to a psychologist’s behavioural studies, the pictures that we post and the ways in which we share/present our personal material in public spaces reveals a lot about ourselves. If taking selfies were a philosophical study, could the phrase “I am conscious of myself in the face of others” help us deconstruct this obsession? As social animals, the need for social approval is natural. In the digital age, this approval is measured by the number of retweets and likes garnered by the images we post.


Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have enhanced the levels to which we objectify ourselves. Does the selfie-stick lend to notions that the value placed by society on appearance is increasingly translating into obsessive attempts to perfect the art of taking selfies? Not everyone agrees.


To many, it is just a form of expression which although is purely aesthetic, is far from narcissistic or objectifying. Whether it is for the reassurance of our human existence, or for purely egotistical reasons, everyone is doing it. From the salesperson who sold you your phone/camera, to politicians at memorial services, everyone is doing it. Like the Sanman and cavemen used drawings of themselves on walls to record their existence, we take selfies!

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Inside the Star-Studded Season 2 Teaser for Young, Famous & African

Look at the material!




Young and Famous Netflix season 2

Today, Netflix released the official teaser for the second season of the hit unscripted reality series, Young, Famous & African.

This season sees the return of Africa’s most famous and fabulous, as they embrace life and love on the richest square mile on the continent. This time,  however, a few new faces promise to make their mark in Africa’s most elite group.

Enter Bonang Matheba, South Africa’s entertainment industry darling whose presence certainly ruffles a few feathers;  Fantana, Ghanaian-American rapper and all-round superstar who quickly makes her mark on the group and Luis Munana from Namibia, former Big Brother Africa contestant and entrepreneur extraordinaire who brings the heat from the onset. 

The all-star cast of season one returns to face a lot of unanswered questions like what happened between Diamond Platnumz, Andile Ncube and Zari Hassan after the chance encounters between the trio in Diamond’s home,  and what is the status of everyone’s friendships after many arguments, loads of drama, and a pot stir or two from Khanyi Mbau and Nadia Nakai.  

Also worth looking out for is the appearance of model and socialite Sebabatso Mothibi, as well as the supermodel and actress, Rosette Ncwana, both of whom share a relationship history with Andile.

Given the drama and tension from the previous season, how does this play into the existing dynamic on the show?

Season two of Young, Famous & African launches only on Netflix on 19 May 2023 worldwide. 

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Reality Shows

A First Look into The Real Housewives of Johannesburg S3!

Joburg, you are up! RHOJ is billed to make a splashy return 19 May.




The Real Housewives of Johannesburg S3 has been revealed. Photo: M-Net.

After suffering a number of production delays that spanned years, and that one unfortunate canning of the lost season, the Real Housewives of Johannesburg will be making a comeback on 19 May, 20:30 on 1Magic.

As Quench previously reported, it looks like glam Queen Mpho Mops will be a no-show for the looming season. Hers was an explosive departure, which followed the damning allegations of infidelity she faced at the season 2 reunion.

Fans will, however, be delighted to hear that Lethabo ‘LeJoy’ Mathabo and Lebo ‘Jojo’ Mokoena will be returning as seasoned gold-carrying full-time cast members in season 3. The two look to continue where they left off in 2019.

Among other pressing charges, Lebo might have to explain the alleged giant plastic cake at her wedding to Johannesburg businessman Lebo Gunguluza, from whom she is now divorced. Viewers will likely get front-row seats into her new life.

LeJoy might have to spill on what happened on that one fateful night at the Durban July.

… Or not. Based on the cast reveal, the returning girlies might have to clock in.

There are fresh faces on the cast, which will likely shift the dynamics and overall direction of the popular franchise.

Mamus Koka, Marelli Bentley, Nicole Watson and Thobekile Mdlalose will all be making their debuts as the new line-up.

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‘Asylum’ By Uncle Waffles certified GOLD in a Week

The viral sensation is running up the numbers with her autumn release.




Within 7 business days of its splashy arrival, Uncle Waffles’ sophomore tape, ‘Asylum’, has reached gold status.

‘Asylum’ is Uncle Waffles’ sophomore tape.

The 7-track project, which contains the blockbuster viral sensation ‘yahyuppiyah, shipped over 12 500 units in its first week. The official single’s delayed landing is likely to have helped the EP to run up impressive numbers.

Ms. Zwane recruited over 17 collaborators for the project.

After all, the song has been the darling of Tik Tok challenges around the world, many of which relied on the audio snippet being circulated without an official release.

Spanning just over 38 minutes in duration, the EP plays up to the disc jockey’s reputation for banging out addictive hooks with massive social media appeal. Working with 17 collaborators, Waffles confidently delivers her own take on Amapiano’s increasingly fluid soundscape.

The project arrives as the 23-year-old takes her tour to the US, where she’s covering venues in several states. This past weekend, Uncle Waffles made her debut at Coachella.

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