Smiley users get laid more, reach orgasms faster

it’s like wearing purple clothes all over again, except that now it is not using smileys that will have the masses suspicious of what happens in your bed. A study has found that those who use emoticons have more sex and reach orgasms faster. Read more […]

13 Funniest Mugabe Falls Memes

Were to start with this buck hilarious ratchet mess? Let’s take a young look at #MugabeFalls Memes, and hold thumbs they don’t shut this site down. […]

5 Ways to improve your crappy studying

Sticking different colours on different pages and spending late hours burning oil is not working for you as an effective study approach. Check out Dr. Lobdell’s ‘Study Less, Study Smart’ Tips for studying […]

Top Billing Presenter Simba & Hit Maker Bojo Mujo Die

A dark cloud engulfed South Africa this past weekend as three of our most loved men in the entertainment industry passed on. Top Billing presenter Simba, House music producer Bojo Mujo and businessman Prosper all tragically bid farewell this past weekend. Read more […]

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