Lootlove’s Style: Here’s Why She’s Bomb AF

QuenchSA style: Lootlove style

The SA Style Awards ’17  ‘Most Innovative’ Winner Captures

Two years after singling her out as one of our biggest style influencers in the country, Lootlove sustains her position as one of South Africa’s best dressed female celebrities.

One girl who’s not tying herself down to any pre-approved fad, we continue to admire how she’s beautifully distilled her authentic aesthetic in both her enviable wardrobe and bomb brand.

QuenchSA Fashion: Lootlove style
Hit the freeway: Lootlove continues to prove her rules that there’s no formula to topping the best-dressed list! Photo: Instagram: LootLove

And right at the start of 2018, the media darling pledged to focus on streamlining her inevitable modelling career, an option that appears to have always been on the cards for the tall, slim and stylish trendsetter.

QuenchSA Fashion: Lootlove style
Lootlove embarked on a campaign to elevate her brand. Photo: Instagram – Austin Malema



In an industry where most celebrities continue expressing their style within parameters of a social convention that typically prioritises a monotonous outlook on high-end fashion as synonymous with beauty pageantry,  we’ve been drawn to Lootlove’s authentic playful and empowered expression of femininity. As in, thanks for someone who’s able to switch things up and down as per her own standard.

QuenchSA Fashion: lootlove Style
Phuck it up, Rake it Up, Bag It Up. Photo: @zeetakesnicepictures via Instagram

Proving in the process, sigh, that’s it’s not necessarily always a choice between sheer cocktail dresses and gowns.

QuenchSA Fashion: Lootlove style
kicking Ass

The 28-year-old beaut certainly knows how to shift gears and rebelliously sport between soft, chic and fashion forward couture with the same ability she’s able to rock streetwear and androgynous realness without any questions.

QuenchSA style: Lootlove style 6

Having appeared on several fashion magazine covers in recent weeks, her intention to consciously craft a niche within the modelling and fashion industry is without a doubt a thing of destiny, as her authentic style continues to delight the masses.

QuenchSA Fashion: Lootlove style

BUT! Make no mistake, she’s no one trick pony. In fact, we are totally obsessed with how she can shows on the red carpet sporting a far more softer and feminine look

QuenchSA Fashion: Lootlove style
South African Fashion Week 2017

Other times, African prints and patterns…

QuenchSA Fashion: Lootlove style

Or be a concrete rose

QuenchSA Fashion: Lootlove style

Which one is your favourite look?

Photos: Instagram/Lootlove


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