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These 11 South African Celebrity Couples Are Every Romantic Goal



South African celebrity couples

11 Couples we love!

South African Celebrity Couples 2018


Their posts on Instagram can melt any heart even on the coldest morning, especially when the couple decides to treat their followers to their usually goofy IG Stories. Although Thishiwe and Mandisa tend to keep a rather low profile, given their recent success appearing on some of the country’s highest-rated television hits, the actresses don’t mind putting their beautiful romance in the stratosphere.

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People who know these things always say that it’s about meeting someone who compliments who you are, rather than complete you. Zakes Bantwini and Nandi Madida, whose premiere snaps of their adorbs son Shaka melted the internet last year, share more than just their love for music. The talented music couple, who’ve made lovely music together, also have a thing for fashion! The conversations must be so interesting, we imagine. But then again, so are the cute photoshoots they keep banging out for posteriority.


Minnie Dlamini and her Television Producer hubby, Quinton Jones, are now one of the hottest couples in the country. So much so that they were able to leverage public demand of their breathtaking wedding into a million rand deal for a three-part TV Special: Becoming Mrs Jones, which aired on Vuzu Amp in 2017.  They started out as friends. Quinton used to buy Minnie lunch, her mother revealed on the show. The rest is history.

South African Celebrity Couples 2018

Keeping up with the Jones. Photo: Instagram/Minnie Dlamini


Sometimes, celebrity couples sometimes leave the public guessing about whether or not they’ve hooked up for various reasons, including the fact that two major brands have just merged. Or like Minnie Dlamini said during the build-up to her Wedding TV Special; “I wanted to own my story.” While Reason and Lootlove also took their time, they’ve recently loosened up a little.

South African Celebrity Couples 2018

Fun gang and besties. Photo: Instagram/LootLove


Without a doubt, this is one of the country’s most formidable power couple. He’s crafted a massive career as one of the world’s biggest DJs, and she continues being a consistently celebrated actress and fashion designer. Their IG pages are proof that success is nothing without family.

South African Celebrity Couples 2018

Simply live… Simply love! Photo: Instagram/Enhle Mbali


Somizi is one of the hardest working people in the industry. So it’s nice seeing him being able to wind down and get some good loving. For months, the multi-talented media personality shared abstract pictures of the new man in his life; many which were silhouettes, or toes, or back shots. Even that had to come to an end, and Somizi debuted beautiful pictures of his boyfriend at the recent Sun Met shindig, where the couple twinned their outfits.

According to Channel24, the 24-year-old’s name isMohale Tebogo Motaung. He’s a ‘matured’ Wits student.

South African Celebrity Couples 2018

A mile in my shoes. Photo: Instagram/Somizi


“She is someone I can rely on… through thick and thin”, the gold medalist revealed in a BET special, in which she revealed how she met the woman that would become the life of her live. It all happened in a restroom, which seems to be a really popular place for good things to start. The couple got married in 2017, and are still going strong.

South African Celebrity Couples 2018

Love is the greener pasture! Caster and wife Violet often show us what good loving looks like. Photo: Instagram/Caster Semenya


He’s a soccer player in the prime years of his career, and she’s a smart beauty queen who once wore the Miss SA crown. Siphiwe and Bokang didn’t get into a relationship for a while after they met. Opening up about their first encounter to Pabi on Power FM in 2017, the couple revealed that they wanted to be friends first and allow the relationship to evolve organically. That it did! Now happily married parents, the couple have joined forces to release an African themed children’s clothing line.

South African Celebrity Couples 2018

Love lives here! Photo: Instagram/Bokang_M


Is ‘Babes Wodumo’ a duo? This question has been puzzling fans, who’ve been taking to social media to enquire further. While that’s a stretch, it’s quite true that Mampintsha has been a ubiquitous presence in Babes’ career, as the two do everything together. Most notable is their support for each other as they both push the West Ink movement.

South African Celebrity Couples 2018

Mpintshi yegazi! Photo Credit: Instagram/babes wodumo


Stylish, young, beautiful and successful… this is South Africa’s picture-perfect couple. The two leave no one in doubt about the love and support they have for each other; They constantly hype each other up on social media and often travel together to exotic locations. They also sometimes refer to each other as ‘DNA’…

South African Celebrity Couples 2018

DNA… Photo: Instagram/DashRSA


South Africa’s most editorial couple Dineo and Solo are simply perfect together. The actress and rapper’s love for high-end fashion is often evident whenever they rock head-turning fashion-forward garb on red carpets, in which they always arrive as a couple.

South African Celebrity Couples 2018

September Issue: These two’s wardrobe though! Photo: Instagram/Austen Malema


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Tributes Pour in For Enhle Gambushe



Enhle Gambushe

The South African entertainment industry has lost yet another young performer. Imbewu (The Seed) actress, Enhle Gambushe, died in a car crash this past Saturday.

The car crash is reported to have taken place in Durban on Saturday morning after the vehicle she had been in drove into a wall, leading to one more death of an unnamed female passenger.


Enhle , who played the role of Nonhlanhla on Imbewu, is being described in an official statement by the etv and Grapevine Productions as a “a talented young actress with a promising future. She had forged strong bonds with her colleagues and will be sorely missed by the production’s cast and crew.”


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Caster Semenya’s Born To Do It Nike Ad Is Bomb AF

Caster Semenya sprints past the challenges she’s faced in her career in this victorious Nike ad



Caster Semenya Nike ad

Nike continues shaking the advertising table with their recent radically transformative adverts, which find the global sports brand taking strong political stances in their latest Just Do It campaign.

Departing sharply from the clean aesthetic that has come to define the sometimes sterile marketing of major brands, it appears the brand has decided to have an authentic voice, even if it comes with some backlash.

A series of visually captivating clips have been banged out in quick succession over the last few weeks, and many of the adverts have people talking, Nike trending, and sneakers being burnt, literally.


It’s just days after the controversial Colin Kaepernick advert first premiered, resulting in massive backlash that saw those opposed to the national anthem protests burning their pairs.

And now the brand has debuted a mini Caster Semenya documentary, in which she stands her ground gallantly against the persistent, and often quite violent, opposition she has been facing throughout her career as one of South Africa’s most exceptional athletes, as well as one of the world’s fastest women.

Over the years, the legitimacy of Caster’s womanhood has been a matter of debate for various sporting bodies, some who’ve tried forcing to take medication to suppress testosterone in her body.

“Would you prefer I hadn’t worked so hard?”, Semenya asks in a powerful monologue cascading on the Born to do it through line. “Would it be easier for you if I wasn’t so fast ?”

The advert distils the athlete’s journey in a marriage of eras that jumps from her childhood into the women she’s become, a sprinter with a few records under her belt.

“Too bad. I was born to do it.”, she says.

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Boity Apologising for Her Throwback Homophobic Remarks Is A Good Start



Photo Credit: Boity via Instagram

The surfacing of archived tweets containing homophobic sentiments by a slew of South African celebrities has opened dialogues about the toxic heterosexist landscape of the local entertainment business. 

Just days after her first ever Hip Hop joint set the streets ablaze and earned the media-personality-turned-rapper her first number one on iTunes, Boity has had to apologise for homophobic remarks she tweeted almost a decade ago. She also acknowledged that while her views have changed along with her growth, she used to be quite the outspoken homophobe back then.

The apology comes after a series of old homophobic tweets resurfaced. She was only 19 years old when she vented her hateful spleen towards the queer community, but she has grown a lot over the years. Her views on sexuality were “warped” back then, but she knows better now.

Tweeted Boity amid backlash; “A decade ago, I was naive, homophobic, young and didn’t know better”, she explained. ” I was 19 and my views on sexuality were warped. We grow, our views change and we do better. It’s gut-wrenching and embarrassing to see them now however I am not the same person I was 10 years ago.”

She proceeded to apologise to everyone she has hurt in the old tweets.

The tweets in question were published over different occasions. In one, she is upset by what she perceives to be a surge in the representation of black gay male romance in local TV soapies.

In another scathing tweet, she leaves no shred of doubt about how she feels about the queer community.  
Boity’s apology was met with further debates about the unaddressed homophobia that goes on unchecked in the South African entertainment business.

Despite increasing visibility, what with the likes of Somizi and, amongst other Nakhane Toure proudly shining the spotlight on the existence of gay people in the creative industry, there’s no doubt the business remains rigidly heterosexist.

Tweets allegedly published on Nadia Nakai and Rouge’s Twitter years ago have also attracted some interest, but the two rappers are yet to take actual ownership. That remains to be seen.

While polarising, Boity’s apology has been embraced by many as a good start at acknowledging the pain she has caused many people. She herself was young at the time, and how many of us wish we could have expressed ourselves differently ten years ago.



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