Inside The Big Secret Reunion Special: Where Are The Confessors Now?

The Big Secret Reunion Special

For most of us, plucking up enough courage to disclose our darkest secrets to those we love is challenging enough.

But for over three months, a number of brave individuals opted to reveal shocking secrets on BET’s The Big Secret

Accompanied by host Khanyi Mbau on their compelling journeys to fessing up aspects of their lives they’ve kept concealed for years, some even decades, the show followed different people as they prepared to finally reveal skeletons that have haunted them for a long time.

The Big Secret Reunion Special
So what now? The most talked about confessions on The Big Secret convene to chat about the aftermath. Photo Credit: Supplied

And now that the show has wrapped, BET will be revisiting the first season’s most topical confessions in a two-part reunion episode that will be airing tonight at 9:30 and 10:00 on DStv channel 129.

The show kicked off with the compelling story of Arnold who, for many years, suffered the trauma of sexual assault that occurred in his childhood, while also living a closeted life as a gay man.

The Big Secret Reunion Special
Host Khanyi Mbau hopes the show has reached into the hearts of viewers in similar situations. Photo: Supplied

Then there was Edmund, who faked being gay and had a fall out with his friend Tshepo; Mmapaseka, who was instructed by her church elder to dump the married man she was dating; Nokwazi, who had to relive the trauma that occurred after one fateful decision and Sibusiso who finally came clean about his double li

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The second part of the show will delve deeper into the story behind Mataozen’sconfession that he had a secret affair with his best friend’s girlfriend. Mataozen never anticipated the backlash he would receive after his story aired on The Big Secret.

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