Everything You Need To Know About Mzansi Magic’s ‘Nkululeko’

Looks the time to introduce new talent, showcase fresher narratives and venture out to new locations is upon us, and that we can appreciate. Goodness, things were honestly starting to too stale around here.

Mzansi Magic is happy to move beyond the rotation of same faces in upcoming drama Nkululuko, set to premiere on the DStv channel in January 2018.

The cast of Nkululeko Season 1 (1)

Set in the township of Khayelitsha in the Western Cape, Nkululeko follows the story of a Nkululeko Zwai (portrayed by newcomer Aphiwe Mkefe).

With a brilliant aptitude for Mathematics (Okay, we will keep him), he prepares to enter a competition that could transform his life in a major way.


Sadly, Nkululeko goes ahead and does something that threatens to mess him up. Driven crazy by blossoming love, he lands himself in a mess that topples everything that he has worked hard for.

The girl in question is Sibulele Nginda (Ziyanda Nyoka), the daughter of Khayelitsha’s well-known Brigadier. She too is as smart as they come. But that doesn’t stop the the series of events that will soon change their worlds forever.

Nkululeko - Mzansi Magic

 That’s the gist of it, but obviously, there’s lots more.

Taking on the roles of Nkululeko’s side-kicks are Mandla (Tiisetso Thoka) and Buhle (Abongile Salli) who have to face their own demons while helping their friend come to terms with his life choices.

Buhle is a  hustler who’s come up from poverty. He believes money can end all his problems and is not afraid to dabble in criminal activities to acquire it, while Mandla is a “Cheese Boy” who is struggling to find where he belongs.

And what is a drama without protective parents?

Nkululeko’s father, Thami Zwai (Chris Gxalaba) is a caddy at a golf course whose wife left him for greener pastures. His primary focus is to give his son all the opportunities he never had, and so does the Brigadier (Sizwe Msuthu), who’s determined to protect his daughter at all costs – especially from the influence of the troublemakers.

 Joining the cast for compelling 13 episodes is Tina Jaxa, Abongile Matsai, Samela Tyelbooi, Andile Mxakaza

Nkululeko debuts on January 7th at 8 PM on Mzansi Magic, DStv Ch. 161

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